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    Charge down puts oppo on side

    I don't get why you are offside if it touches the player but not offside if she charges it down. Why do the laws need to differentiate between touch and played?
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    Charge down, teammate in front picks up ball and runs's how I'm describing it to new players: There's a 10 metre law where you can be criminally offside....offside just for being there when the ball comes down, unless its come off a chargedown. Sorted.
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    They have to wait for us sir?

    This "its OK to go with two in each line" is the kind of thing players should learn from their coaches, not on the pitch from us. I wish there was a way of referees feeding back to the clubs common problems. The other refs would see it too :) Common problems I find are defending a quickly...
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    New law clarification from WR

    I am seeing it as a rucker cannot join the play until he's gone back to the hindmost foot, so the ruck has to break up from the back, so if a twister is nearest to the opposing scrum half he cannot sack the scrum half until his team mates behind him (who haven't twisted or have been twisted into...
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    Dear America....

    Herewith a photo of student-me, with glasses as protection of sorts against the chemicals, doing a night shift to clean Trump's plane.
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    [Tackle] This did not seem right.

    At the end of last season I was reffing a Level 9 game. In open play a white player, attacking, is held by a Black player. A few moments later, a second Black player crashes into the held White player from the White Player's side. This second player did use his arms to tackle. It did not seem...
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    This week I am starting a Lands End John O Groats cycle. If anyone wants to join me at any spot here's a rough outline of my destinations / days, Saturday Camelford, Sunday Bampton, Monday Cheddar, Tuesday Wye Valley, Wednesday Much Wenlock, Thursday Bucklow Hill, Friday Slaidburn, Saturday...
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    So who does buy the jug? Saracens vs Leicester, 3 Penalty Tries

    Great question raised by the pundits.
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    Trojans vs Eastleigh, Ref walks off. Good for him.
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    Har vs Sal

    At about 61.30 a pundit says (paraphrasing) "Well, he came in from the side but because the ball was over the try line the ref didn't give it, he was lucky" Sob, wail.
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    RWC Aus vs Sco

    Did the pundit just say Scotland should have called a mark from that last kick off? You cant do that, can you?
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    Adding Moderators to Ignore List

    A great feature of this site is the ability to ignore some people. The strange thing is that Moderators, an essential part of a community like this, have an understandably "non-ignorable" status for their official communications, but this also extends to their day to day contributions to the...
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    A Way of Cutting Down on Offences

    As refs we are the best group to pick up on common mis-conceptions where usually the player's epiphany comes shortly after an unexpected loud blast of the whistle. As well as picking up on common mstakes, we can get that information out to players, coaches and spectators. This way we will get...
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    Red cards in an Old Boys Match

    There's trouble afoot in an annual university intramural vs the old boys which I thoroughly enjoy reffing each year. Words have been spoken and tacit threats have been issued. Here's my question,are there any consequences for a player in the once-a-year OB's team who gets red carded?
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    Uncontested Scrum at U15, Girls, Can the No 8 Pick Up?

    I reffed an U15 Girls game on Sunday, and read up the regs the night before. During the game the scrums went uncontested. One team began using No 8 Pick ups, the other coach button holed me and said you're not allowed to pick up at No 8 from uncontested scrum. As I had seen nothing confirming...
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    I reckon we need two more emoticons.

    Just to speed up our day to day use of the mighty forums, we could do with two extra emoticons to enable us to react swiftly and succinctly to replies. First off, I would like a "Leap of Logic" emoticon, you know when you say something like "the IRB might need to think again about...
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    Cycling Expedition

    In case anyone is interested, or has thought about doing this themselves, I am off tonight to cycle from Lands End to John O Groats. Its great fun, and you see the UK in a very different way. The adventure has started already, the train company taking me to the start at Lands End has just phoned...
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    "When the gods want to punish us...."

    "...they grant us our wishes" I've now got BT sport. Great, I said, lets get all my chores / training done then settle down for a cornucopia (and I spelt that right first time) of Man u vs Aston Villa followed by Saints vs Leicester. Agghh! After 50 minutes of the football I brought my bike...
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    Scotland vs England

    Bless Scotland for acknowledging the drinking aspect of watching rugby. Just before the anthems the ground announcer invited spectators to "stand if they can" :)
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    I, had... two matches this weekend, one at a local young offenders prison, one an excellent local club, doing their Under 15's. I was doing my pre match research into the U15's I found on their website a stinging attack on the referee in their previous match, it was simply offensive...