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    Steward RC

    How about a red card = 10 minutes with a two player advantage? Offending player plus one other leaves, after 10 minutes the extra player can return and the offender can be replaced? 20 minutes does make the sanction different for the whole last quarter of the match, and it seems to me that a red...
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    Steward RC

    For public understanding the officials could have spent a few more seconds on foul play, but I understand that’s not the main reason they’re talking. The “current climate” is, I think, an ambition to do everything possible to reduce head contact. While initially I was surprised by the red card...
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    no penalty try in Italy-Wales match

    Does it make any difference that - from what I can see in the video, Blue 5 is tackled with both him and the tackler lying on the floor, then he pushes himself up to present the ball (or pass it, but perhaps more likely holding it) to 13? I’m not sure it’s appropriate to say Blue 13 is “over the...
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    Ire v Italy - Am I miscounting

    Presumably teams can choose to select more than one suitably trained and experienced replacement hooker, or choose players who are competent at prop and hooker - or encourage players to develop and maintain competence across the front row? That would increase the chances of the primary aim that...
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    Worcs v Quins - is it in or outside the 22 then?

    The referee wasn’t Wayne Barnes. It was Chrisophe Ridley. The ball was kicked into the Worcester half and kicked directly back, crossing the touch line very near to the 22 line. BT Sport broadcast replays while the line out was being set up and I can’t hear any discussion of 50/22 on the...