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  1. Pablo

    not sure this is the best advertisement for rugby

    Maybe not. But in the context of that individual game, I don’t see what the players did that merits sanction.
  2. Pablo

    Mornington Crescent

    Right, a simple one so the newbies can get involved too. Since the network is largely suspended, we'll play the Cambridge Standard Rules, with broken escalators as wild. I'll start: Chalfont & Latimer
  3. Pablo

    New Score Card design

    This is the scorecard we used in Herts. My only complaint is that I'm running out of them! For the score section, I note the time and shade in the box that corresponds to type of score. For offences, I can note time, yellow or red, player number, pitch location very quickly. I haven't found...
  4. Pablo

    [Junior] Penalising players for coach’s actions: myth?

    There’s a discussion ongoing on Facebook Quilter Kids First group about a volunteer coach/referee dealing with an abusive opponent coach. I have advised that there is no basis in law for restarting with a penalty to the non-offending coach’s side - after all, it’s not the players’ fault their...
  5. Pablo

    RWC 2019 cancellations

    Well, it’s happened: Never mind the arguments about a tournament in typhoon season or reschedules. Is there any other means besides a scoreless draw that could be used to settle these problems? I’m guessing not, but curious to know if other less visible...
  6. Pablo

    [RWC] Blue on Blue action

    Completely agree. Shades (pun very much intended!) of Scotland v NZ back at RWC 2007 I also thought the default teal referee shirt was too close to Uruguay's strip in the Georgia game last week: I cannot understand how the organisers continue to make goofs like this.
  7. Pablo

    [Maul] Wales v Georgia - penalty try not given from collapsed maul

    46 minutes in, Wales rolling maul is trundling at speed toward Georgian line. Collapses <5 metres short, penalty advantage signalled. Biggar cross kicks, but Williams fumbles as he dives to collect it. Luke Pearce brings us back for the penalty at the maul, but pauses for a TMO review. On the...
  8. Pablo

    [Tackle] South African schoolboy rugby viral tackle video

    I’m sure many other have seen this video going viral recently: What’s the RRF consensus? For my $0.02, I think it’s a straight red under 9.11 or 9.13 - tackler not in control, tackled player’s head/neck is first point of contact...
  9. Pablo

    [In-goal] Knock-on into in-goal

    I know this has been asked before, but my searches haven’t found a consensus since the law book rewrite. Knock-on into (or in) the in-goal was explicitly covered in the 2017 law book as being a defending scrum 5m out, rather than being a 22m drop-out - the theory being, and adviser once...
  10. Pablo

    [Kit] A classic: single stud at the toe

    Just to put my mind to rest, the provision banning a single stud at the toe has been removed from Law 4 & Reg 12, yes? I think this happened during the few years I spent out of the game, and would like some confirmation, please. Thanks!
  11. Pablo

    Wales v Aus - Kerevi on Halfpenny

    About 10 minutes until full time. Aus #13 (Kerevi) jumps and half turns in a long-shot charge-down attempt as Wales #15 (Halfpenny) clears. Kick is clearly away, Kerevi lands and makes hard contact shoulder to chin with Halfpenny. Ref O’Keefe (who mostly had an excellent game in very tense...
  12. Pablo

    Electronic match cards

    My first league game in ages this weekend, and first since RFU-land went digital. What is the referee’s responsibility re: electronic match cards in this brave new world? Have the days of collecting them pre-match, then signing and returning them with score completed post-match completely gone...
  13. Pablo

    [Line out] Line out again from penalty offence??

    Society meeting last week had a quiz. One point made was that if eg Red committed a penalty offence in the line out itself (pulling jumper down, etc.), then Blue had the option of having their throw into a new line out at the same line of touch, (rather than having to kick the penalty out for...
  14. Pablo

    [Ruck] Refuse to engage, pull rucking opponent off feet

    Would value the thoughts of the hive mind on the following situation I encountered last week: Red ball carrier tackled Blue tackler releases and moves far enough away to not be penalised, though slow to feet Red support arrives, adopts rucking position over tackle zone, though no blue...
  15. Pablo

    [Junior] U13 NRoP gain in ground clarification

    Buffing up on U13 variations in Reg 15 Appx 7. Section 5 defines a Free Kick as sanction for all offences that would earn a PK in adult rugby, then goes on to say "A free kick is a kick from hand. This can either be a tap by the player to themselves, or a kick to gain ground." The clarification...
  16. Pablo

    [Line out] Uncontested line-outs at U15?

    Gradually getting back into the business after a few years out with career/house moving/small children distractions. Brushing up on Junior variations and came across this: I don't remember (a) being the case AT ALL when I last reffed juniors. Are LOs really uncontested for U15? What does that...
  17. Pablo

    The importance of learning one's lessons...

    Anybody see this article in Metro, about the Keynsham player jailed for 6 months for punching an opposing player and breaking his jaw? I sent the same player off five years ago... :norc: for...
  18. Pablo

    Juggling rugby with relationships

    Ok, so how do you all get on with balancing your relationships against rugby? The reason I ask is because this morning, the girlfriend (with whom I live) threw a strop at me for spending both days this weekend refereeing. Some background: we both have busy jobs (I'm a management consultant...
  19. Pablo

    Saracens Women v Richmond Women

    I'm refereeing at Sarries Women on Saturday with fully miked-up TJs/ARs, which should be fun. A few questions though: - Anybody refereed either of these teams recently? Any inside info? - Do Richmond women play in the same black/red/orange confection as the men's side? Because the Sarries...
  20. Pablo

    Thoughts on ELV 13: The corner posts

    My first league match of the season on Saturday was a fast, physical contest between two early-season favourites for promotion and gave rise to an ELV-related incident towards the end of the game (which incidentally, didn't affect the result). Black get quick ball from a line-out on the right...