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    Amlin Cup Final

    A group of us mostly Saints but 1 Bath supporter were watching the Amlin final last night. All agreed that generally JG had a decent enough game and got most of the calls right. We were split on the award of the second Saints try when in goal and the wrestling match between the Saints and Bath...
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    Heart Attack is it realistic to carry on.

    Ok Last week had a heart attack found right artery was blocked had stent fitted to restore blood flow; in middle of March will have as a precaution a stent fitted to left side artery as well. Had no wanings that I was about to have heart attack, lived a healthy life style plenty of exercise...
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    Salary Cap

    Premiership clubs are to be allowed make one marquee signing, outside of the salary cap, as of the 2012-13 season. The ground-breaking move is one of a series of measures set to be introduced by Premiership Rugby, the umbrella body representing English rugby's top clubs, in a bid to retain the...
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    How the urban Myth's get spread!!

    As seen on bbc sport web site ask the ref section. Q: When a player drops to the ground to secure a loose ball, must the opposition let him get to his feet before tackling him? Frequently I see a player bravely go down on the ball, only to be jumped on by opponents and then penalised for...
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    Appointed to referee at own club.

    Hi Guys Find that my Saturday appointment is my own club 2nds at home V local rival's. I have contacted appointments chap to confirm that he want's me to do this match. Have done a good few youth Sunday games as a home side club referee with no issues but slightly wonder about senior merit...
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    Ladies Match's

    Hi Find myself down for a Ladies game match this week end anyone got any help. Plan to go in kit leave stuff in car but would rather like to shower after match as don't want to be smelly person in corner have been to this club before and I know no seperate shower. Would you advise plenty of...
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    silence before game

    Hi Has Anyone any protocols for a silence before a game after call last from my Saturday Match contact they advised they wish to have a silence for a player who has passed away looking at fixtures another match also but mine maybe main one. If so all advise wecome.
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    Feeding at scrum

    Hi Reffed a compedative U16's match last weekend between Level 5 and Level 6 u16's. Black coach extremely vocal about feeding at scrum. At pre match brief with front rows scrum half's captain and coach's had stated that I most concerned with binding, driving straight and keeping the scrum on...
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    What To Do Next.

    Hi folks I am new to the forum and to Rugby reffing although have been a football ref for many years. Took the whistle for this game as club coach's asked if could do junior games as they always struggled Sundays for refs.So took course and have done a number of games U13-colts. Having had...