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  1. Jolly Roger

    SH pulling the ball with their hands in a long ruck

    Law 15.4 Each team has an offside line that runs parallel to the goal line through the hindmost point of any ruck participant. If that point is on or behind the goal line, the offside line for that team is the goal line. So if a SH steps in front of the back foot they are offside. Applying...
  2. Jolly Roger

    [Law] Scrum or 22?

    Ball kicked cross field. Winger gives chase and kicks on soccer style. Winger’s last kick was from 5m out but ball goes dead. Is this a 22 or scrum back at the 5 where the ball was kicked?
  3. Jolly Roger

    Lineout within 5m of Goal Line

    Law 19.8 covers where a lineout takes place. For a kick into touch it states that the location of the mark of touch as where the ball reaches the touchline. I cannot remember seeing a lineout in a televised game where the lineout is taken closer than 5m from the Goal Line. Can a lineout...
  4. Jolly Roger

    Safety driven law changes - banning the tackle at U18

    My son is involved in a school debate on whether the tackle should be banned in youth rugby. He is in “6th form” so needs to present in depth research and comprehensive argument. One area that he is exploring is how laws have changed over recent years in the interest of player safety, so he...
  5. Jolly Roger

    [Mini/Midi] New age grade Law Variations trial in Scotland

    New age grade Law Variations are being introduced in Scotland as a trial this season. These are much simplified and, I believe,bring Scottish rugbymore in line with the rest of the UK in terms of line out lifting and competition. No maul at U14 is also a change. I know there was a previous...
  6. Jolly Roger

    Maul - player lifted off his feet

    Last weekend a player was lifted off his feet in a maul by an opposition player who was bound around the waist and driving forward. The lifted player ended up horizontal until he was safely placed back on his feet. The lifted player was calling for a penalty troughout as well as arguing after...
  7. Jolly Roger

    [Kit] Players wearing gloves

    Last weekend James O’Connor playing for Sale Sharks against Bath was wearing gloves covering the full length of his fingers. Law 4.4 Banned items of clothing: (e) A player must not wear gloves. Regulation 12 states that mits can be worn with fingers extending to the outer joint but no...
  8. Jolly Roger

    Preventing QTI by touching ball whilst in posession of the opposition

    19.2 states: (d). For a quick throw-in, the player must use the ball that went into touch. A quick throw-in is not permitted if another person has touched the ball apart from the player throwing it in and an opponent who carried it into touch. The same team throws into the lineout. (h) At a...
  9. Jolly Roger

    Anarchy at the breakdown

    Is anyone else getting frustrated by the refereeing of the breakdown in pro rugby? In January we were briefed on the approach to take with regards to high tackles. This was adhered to in the pro game for a couple of weeks but now we are back to where we were this time last season. New laws in...
  10. Jolly Roger

    IRFU age grade variations

    My local club are on an U16s tour to Northern Ireland this weekend and I have been asked to find out the IRFU law variations for U16 and to then compare them with SRU. I would be very grateful if someone could point me in the direction of th IRFU age variations for U16. Many thanks.