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  1. Not Kurt Weaver

    Latcher foot in touch

    So if a BC fends off an opposing player who is in touch, that is in touch. However, if an opposing player standing in touch reaches out and taps the BC on the buttocks, that is not in touch. correct?
  2. Not Kurt Weaver

    Ball carriers ducking into tackles

    rugby would also have to examine when these head ducks occur most frequently, that is if rugby wants to put players safety as a priority the following ideas may also help 1. make field wider 2. eliminate 6,7,8 3. make offside lines closer at scrum and lineout 4. only player tapping ball at pk...
  3. Not Kurt Weaver

    Ball carriers ducking into tackles

    this from 2003, I favor it to any regulated body position. allowing subjectivity as a basis of law is a flawed sustainability (f) Playing an opponent without the ball. Except in a scrum, ruck or maul, a player must not hold, or push, or charge into, or obstruct an opponent not carrying the...
  4. Not Kurt Weaver

    *Not* Respecting the kicker

    The world is filled with arseholes, you never know when you'll meet them, you never know what to do about them, and you never know when if you'll become one. They seem to collect at sporting events in Merica
  5. Not Kurt Weaver

    Can Anyone Recommend Good Leather Boots?

    I like these boots, others find white objectional
  6. Not Kurt Weaver

    help me say farewell to rugby refs

    I've come to plateau on RR. My posts lack humor and interest. Especially my most recent post on BV and IF conversation. Does anyone have any suggestions of interesting websites other than porn that might help me quit posting on RR? I only follow these two others currently...
  7. Not Kurt Weaver

    [Ruck] When could a #9's digging in ruck become hands in?

    following 19.29, the picture from the lawbook law 15 is not in agreement for a ruck
  8. Not Kurt Weaver

    The gate described 2018 law "change"

    What are the parameters for "direction of their own goal line"? This seems to be much less specific than "from behind the ball and directly behind..." This "change" (or difference in wording) also seems to allow entry be arriving players at the tackle to enter the tackle at almost any...
  9. Not Kurt Weaver

    Referees wearing earrings

    Many have suggested that I should wear my glasses, and others are very concerned that I have misplaced my glasses. Jokes on them, I don't even have glasses. If players do not wear glasses, i refuse to wear glasses. This is my twin he does not wear earrings.
  10. Not Kurt Weaver

    [In-goal] in goal dimensions

    My hallucinations have been diminishing, but it sure appears to me that in goal areas are getting less deep. Smaller than 10m. Is any one else experiencing this also?
  11. Not Kurt Weaver

    What is that thing....

    What is that thing players wear below/within jersey between shoulder blades?
  12. Not Kurt Weaver

    Nine ways to make rugby safer-Not Kurt Weaver

    1. Close Pandora, Return to Amateur Status for RU. Money hungry players will move to RL and that code will dissolve under violence and injuries. Players will return to RU, the last form on Earth. Repeal the 4 following laws: 2. Offside line for scrum non part. 5m / should be hindmost...
  13. Not Kurt Weaver

    Brazil #2

    This is the only article conerning these 2 calls is Mex v Cameroon./ no one is standing up for refs. i think they got it correct. Abuse is the standard for these poor *******s. VIDEO Horrible Offside Call Denies Mexico, Dos Santos In World Cup 2014 Match Against Cameroon By IBTimes Staff...
  14. Not Kurt Weaver

    How about this idea?

    Maybe this has been tried before. Pre scrum the ball is placed at the midline on the ground approx 1m from outside of LHP. At contact and center line of front row remains at midline, and then ball is rolled in by S/H presumably down the middle. Is this fantasy, pipe dream or possibility?, or...
  15. Not Kurt Weaver

    dissent law

    Thought it was in 6, but where is the dissent law? has it morphed into 10.4m
  16. Not Kurt Weaver

    defending 9 interference

    What specific law prevents a defending #9 from bumping, shoving, leaning on, or phyiscally aggravating the attacking #9 , holding the ball, before the put-in? Other than a attentive ref or a punch on the nose from attacking #9, what prevents this?
  17. Not Kurt Weaver

    another myth of mine

    Just realized "playing the ball on the ground" isn't law. Or at least isn't correct name for penalty. Have I been sucked in all these years and just realized it now? , or is it poor choice of words
  18. Not Kurt Weaver

    History of "touch"

    Why do we call touch' Touch"? I need a web link to prove to a soccer ref that its usage is from the first to actually touch the ball that left the rugby playing area
  19. Not Kurt Weaver

    counter measure to pass behind! At :47 -:49 ish in the video there is a pass behind to BOD. Obviously an accepted tactic, but at first glance it appeared obstructive to me. What would be wrong with the defending Welsh player tackling the snot out of the...