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    Sale V Lyon What do people think?
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    Foul play AFTER try is scored.

    Scenario: White 14 scores. As he is scoring Black 9 attempts a "tackle" the referee deams the attempt was leagal as it was before the score and not a bit of "post try afters". Referee award the try in the normal way. Assume that to this point the referee is perfectley correct. Now here's the...
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    Cardiff Blues V Edinburgh

    Well if the benchmark was being set for the pro 14 it is being set pretty low. I gve up watching at half time as the scrum feed wereworse than ever. With the SH standing to his side of the tunnel and still feeding at an angle. Players sealing off all game. It was dire. The only thing Clancy saw...
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    Yesterday I had a terrible game. Not up with play. Poor control of the game. Totally out of it. This morning I wake up to the flu good a proper. Had a sore throat yesterday and felt a bit off. But did not feel bad enough to pull out. On reflection I feel I should have done so. What do...
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    Ireland Vs New Zealand

    Well done Ireland. Just a pity the game was played in the USA. So many Irish supporters will have missed being able to say "I was there!"
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    JP Doyle

    Not been great fan of JP. However, I was given a freebie to the Cardiff Blues V Pau game last night and I thought he did very well. One collapsed maul where he pinged from not rolling away. But hey no one is perfect.
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    What are the odds?

    What are the odds on the first (material) case of a player going off his feet occurs in the 79th minute of a game? According the George Clancy that is what happened last night.
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    Law Clarification Law 3.14

    Clarification 2 – 2016 Union/ HP Ref Manager Alain Rolland, Fifteens High Performance Referee Manager Law Reference Law 3 Date August 5, 2016 Request Alain Rolland, Fifteens High Performance Referee Manager has requested clarification on the following items within law 3.14. 1. Does the injured...
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    6 point try bites the dust

    I'm reliably informed that the 6 point try is being dropped after the year long trial in Wales. No loss to the game at all. T'was a stupid idea.
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    Will he ever learn?
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    SRU ref banned!

    Silly fools!!
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    LeicesterV Racing

    I bet Nigel feels relieved that the "knock on" did not cost Racing.
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    European Semi last night

    Anything in this? O'Shea says he "shinned" him and did not "kick" him. does it make a difference? I've not watched the game. So offer no opinion at all.
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    Minimum Wage question

    Odd question but I've been asked for advice and want to see if more experienced people in such matter can help. 26 Year old has been offered £15500 PA salary for a 48 hour week They get 5.6 weeks paid holidays. Bank holidays are at basic pay. There is no mention of Lunch breaks in their...
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    Wales Vs France

    Dreadful game! Scrums a mare. Lydiate still "chopping" with no arms. France terrible with Wales not a lot better. Surely nothing for England to fear from either side on that showing.
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    A bad day at the office for CJ?
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    7s Ref in the spotlight

    Did nyone see any of this? If so, is there any validity in the comments?
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    An nice easy scrum question!

    Scrum 5 Blue put in with Red defending. Where is the offside line for Red's "players not in the scrum"? Answers with law reference / justification.
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    Happy Christmas

    Thats all.
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    Playing advantage AFTER the whistle.

    Penalty offence by Blue 15 mtrs out from their own line. Referee blows his whistle and gives the primary Penalty signal. Ball is in the hands of Red 9 (referee "probably should have played advantage but did not) who runs through a gap to score. He doers not "tap and go" he just continues...