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  1. Dixie

    Premiership Final

    Can anyone make use of (no need to pay for!) 4 tickets to the final? I know a guy who knows a guy who can't now go.
  2. Dixie

    Was Lewis Robbed?

    Hard to say Lewis was robbed. Mercedes have been playing catch-up all season with Red Bull setting the pace. Yes, LH entered the decider on a 3-race roll but MV would have won on count back if neither finished. So on to the race... Absent the crash with 5 laps to go, the race is Lewis's...
  3. Dixie


    Just FYI, now the old site has been retired these thread links no longer work. Hi to anyone who remembers me! It's been a while.
  4. Dixie

    Adding time for a kicker to tie laces prior to a kick?

    During Ireland's trouncing of SA this weekend, Johnny Sexton kicked at goal so often his shoelaces wore out, requiring adjustment before a conversion. This set me wondering about the order of priority of the following laws: 5.4(b) ... Time is allowed for a player to re-tie a boot-lace...
  5. Dixie

    [Law] Not striking, what's the signal?

    "You mess with the bull, you get the horns." This could be a bad look in an ageing referee
  6. Dixie

    Vakatawa hard done by?

    Final pass from Biggar is knocked forward by Vakatawa in the process of making a tackle. The tackle was a textbook double-arm wrap - perhaps the most suspicious thing about it. Earned V a YC. Fair call?
  7. Dixie

    Scotland v Italy

    When Venditi knocked on with a foot in touch, was Nigel correct to overrule the throw to Italy in favour of what the commentators call the 1st offence - being the knock on while in touch?
  8. Dixie

    Consequences of egregious refereeing errors at the pro level (in Wales)

    Over the weekend, the referee of the Blues v Scarlets game made a horrendous error, YC-ing a player who was held back and dragged to ground while chasing a kick ahead. Ignoring the irony that it was his own brother playing for the oppo who held him...
  9. Dixie

    Any recommendations for where to live in Leicestershire?

    So I'm thinking of retiring (from work, obviously - retired from reffing a while ago) and moving to Leicestershire. Location parameters are: Pretty village Energy efficient modern property Easy access to M1 North Good recreational facilities nearby Striking distance of Welford Road for Tigers...
  10. Dixie

    NZ v Wales 3rd Test - odd occurrences

    Strange that there is as yet no thread on the refereeing of this test. Perhaps I have missed it - or no-one thought the game worth watching. At about 25 minutes, NZ have a 5m scrum. Wales lock out, but NZ put on immense pressure. As a result, the Welsh prop is lifted extremely dangerously...
  11. Dixie

    Referee involved in fabricating a league score

    Blackberry makes reference to this in another thread, but as it involved a club I once played for I thought I would make specific reference to it.
  12. Dixie

    Jonathan Sexton to face probe over "play acting"

    During France v Scotland, Alex Dunbar received a YC for a dump tackle that was reviewed on the screen and determined to cross the line for a lift tackle, with Sexton's legs above his waist. It was a marginal case as there was not much of a lift (if any). It is now reported that JS is to face...
  13. Dixie

    Rucking is by definition reckless and dangerous

    In the 6N game between England and Ireland, Mike Brown found himself on his feet in a ruck - which in today's world proves that he is unfamiliar with that particular phase of play. He elected to use his feet to try to get possession of the ball - or more accurately, to prevent Ireland getting...
  14. Dixie

    [INTERNATIONAL] France v Italy

    A photo here of the original tackle - above the headline saying Jonathan Kaplan didn't consider the tackle to be dangerous For my money, that's a high tackle regardless of Parisse's action.
  15. Dixie

    Mr Binman - Connacht v Munster

    Yes - God help us if we ever get to this point:
  16. Dixie

    Straight red = PK only?

    Hi guys I didn't see this game, but this from the Times's report of Danny Cipriani channelling Dylan Hartley: Cipriani did not swear at Barnes, but his language was strong enough for the referee to take exception and halt the game. Barnes called over Dan Braid, the Sale captain, and delivered...
  17. Dixie

    RIP Richie Benaud

    As someone deeply disinterested in the alleged sport of Cricket, I can nevertheless recognise the huge loss to the world in the passing of Sir Richie. He was a tremendous broadcaster, and those older than myself identify him as one of the most gifted leg spinners ever to have graced the...
  18. Dixie

    Last play advantage

    So it's a tight game, with White dominant but finding every possible means of butchering scoring opportunities. Blue have been outplayed, but a combination of plucky, resolute defence and their oppo's incompetence means they are only marginally behind in the closing seconds. White attack...
  19. Dixie

    Bravo KLM1

    One of the tightest TMO calls I've seen for a while during Bath v Northampton. Handled with great aplomb by KML1 of this parish - beard very neatly trimmed as well. Top job. Greg Garner facilitated an excellent game by relaxing his breakdown management - equal for both sides, but plenty of...
  20. Dixie

    2015 6N predictathon

    Anyone care to do the admin to make the traditional predictathon work? I ask because a have a strange and bizarre feeling that England will do well under the lights (and the roof) on Friday night.