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    Dan Cole v Romain Poite

    Anyone think Dan Cole might be in trouble
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    Reading the thread on marks from penalty kicks, etc and Mr Joubert's classic the other day I'm wondering if anybody else wants to confess their sins. I did once call play-on when a player called for a mark from a penalty, must have sold it 'cos nobody batted an eyelid. I had a classic a couple...
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    Old Reigatian Fire

    Dear All, Spare a thought for my old club, (23 years in the 1st team), huge fire over the weekend, major damage to the new clubhouse (pictures here Looks like arson and one of a number at sports club in the Surrey area. No doubt blitz spirit will be to the fore...
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    Nigel Owens Retiring!!!!

    Can't quite believe it, just seen on Twitter that Nigel Owens is calling it a day after the Munster/Toulouse game. Great loss to the elite game and rugby in general. Hopefully he will continue in some vein in the WRU so that he can pass on his experience. Brilliant career and someone I think...