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  1. Lex Hipkins

    Lions Series - Accidental Offsite?

    nb this is point he hits Stander .. definitely lower than Williams .. competing for the ball or taking out the lifter?
  2. Lex Hipkins

    Crocodile Roll at Under 19

    Bit of a debate kicking off on Twitter about an article and accompanying video on Rugby World Magazine teaching juniors how to crocodile roll in rucks. Ben Ryan (Fiji coach) and Dan Cottrell amongst others condemning it. The Twitter conversation is here...
  3. Lex Hipkins

    Long placement

    Just been watching the U20 Ireland v Wales and numerous penalties against both sides at line outs for long placement/ball not being ripped. Looking at the WR memo ( the example they show has the catcher passing over the top of players bound on ... In this...
  4. Lex Hipkins

    Offside ingoal

    Did anybody catch this during the Reds/Force game? Ignoring the misquoted law on the rugby onslaught web site (should be 11 ... Not 10), was this a muck up by the TMO. The ref was aware but was told to ignore offside by the TMO. Rather than scrum white, shouldn't it have been penalty white...
  5. Lex Hipkins

    Is it a joint ANZAC 'Whinge about the LOTG' Day today? :biggrin:
  6. Lex Hipkins

    The death of English rugby

    been predicted for sometime .... is that why on the new kit they're including black arm bands?
  7. Lex Hipkins

    NZ v South Africa

    This is doing the rounds ..... Bismarck should have none ... RP is vindicated
  8. Lex Hipkins

    ARG v ENG - Ben Morgan

    Just looking at the scrums, where England seem to be dominating .... Two things with BM at no 8 ..... He seems to be doing a (well disguised) sling shot at each engagement Two scrums so far (first 20 mins) he's got the ball at his feet at the back and managed to slip his head from between...
  9. Lex Hipkins

    IRB U 20 Championship .. NZ v Fiji cards

    Interested in people's thoughts on these ... 1st red for the pick up and drop (spear?) seems unequivocal but not so sure about the second ..would yellow have sufficed?
  10. Lex Hipkins

    Reflink on Iphone/Ipad App for England home games

    watch TV and have this app open with the reflink being broadcast .. only on the England home games see details here: Got to be better than listening to some (bcm666...
  11. Lex Hipkins

    Tackle or not a tackle?

    Confused myself on this in a (junior - relevant?) match today Red ball carrier runs into contact with blue player .... blue grabs red around upper body and then goes for the ball with one arm but perhaps not both (relevant again?) ... brief jostle for ball Red then drops to ground with the...
  12. Lex Hipkins

    Bryce Lawrence copping it from Mark Reason

    see latest blog by Mark Reason Didn't see the Reds v Crusaders game to comment .. but have to say his handling of the world cup games was to say the least inconsistent .. but should he be out as...
  13. Lex Hipkins

    Quins v Bath - great turnover or tackler not releasing

    In the ITV highlights for this last weekend showing the Quins v Bath game at one point the commentators Nick Mullins and Ben Kay are ecstatic in how the Quins full back, Mike Brown, was playing as he tackled the Bath scrum half, Claassens, and rips the ball from before trundling up the pitch...
  14. Lex Hipkins

    Jonathan Kaplan ..engage?

    in the NZ v Aus match yesterday ... JK scrum calling became bizarre ... started off ok but not long into match became ... Crouch ...touch ...pause ........... hghhggh! Possibly the word 'Hit' diificult to tell but definitly not 'Engage' What was he playing at?
  15. Lex Hipkins

    Flutey 1st try ..surely offside

    ..can't remember who the England dummy runner was ..but surely he was offside and interfering with play ..opened up a huge hole for England to go through ..but shouldn't our friendly Australian have called them back? Les pauvres bleus!