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  1. Simon Thomas

    New Forum Feedback

    had forgotten I was an admin too !
  2. Simon Thomas

    New Forum Feedback

    Well done team, nice makeover but same feel and trust to the site.
  3. Simon Thomas

    Match Observers (Assessors) Jackets / Coats

    I am well aware of the standard issue RFU Gilbert issue tops - 3 versions in the last few years Virtuo/Evolution, Storm, & Blitz. Do any Society Advisers /Assessors / Ref Coaches have recommendations for other kit makes they have found warm, waterproof, wind-proof, enough pockets, internal...
  4. Simon Thomas

    Life can be such a *******

    Following the sad news of Alan Biggs' terminal lymphoma cancer (Alan is the RFU Community Referee Manager), I have heard today that one of our Hampshire Society's Referee's has a 23 year old son with stage 4 Liver and Abdominal cancer diagnosed a few weeks ago. Adam, the son, has played #7 at...
  5. Simon Thomas

    Leicester vs bath

    Indeed, there is statistical evidence to support your hypothesis. I looked into this years ago and found some UK and US PhD research on it - goodness knows where ! Quick Google brings up Here Psychologists call this influence conformity. And you can see how it happens. If 70,000 fans scream...
  6. Simon Thomas

    USA Rugby National Development Summit

    Informative website here - well done USA Plus Kurt Weaver has a thread on USA Rugby Referees on Facebook.
  7. Simon Thomas

    Australian Referee at Oxford University

    Do any of our Australian members know a young Australian post graduate lawyer who has arrived to study at Magdalene College ? Name of Harrison ("Harry") Tait from QRRA.
  8. Simon Thomas

    The view from my office.........

    My office this week :biggrin:
  9. Simon Thomas

    RFU Head of Discipline appeals against one of his own Panel's sentence decision !

    A RUGBY Football Union panel will meet at the London Bloomsbury Holiday Inn hotel on September 24 to consider an appeal brought by the RFU against the ten year suspension imposed on Ruislip prop Barry Lockwood. Lockwood pleaded guilty when he appeared before an RFU panel in June to acts...
  10. Simon Thomas

    The view from my office.........

    this is what my office view would look like if I was there - by Blackfriars Bridge NOT the Shard by London Bridge Phil. However I am in Normandie this week on a family visit to my grandfather's grave at Juvigny near Caen, which we went to yesterday on the 24th. This is the 50th year since I...
  11. Simon Thomas

    No score

    this just came in on Facebook
  12. Simon Thomas

    RFU ACR approved by Council on 04/06/2014

    I just had a "secret RFU email" with the PR release (see below) : The National 1 and 2 clubs have been ignored in their arguments and the whole league structure is flattened. I can see sponsors walking away and the level 3-5 clubs suffering with much lower match day revenues, which is not...
  13. Simon Thomas

    Biropen in hospital

    I am sorry to inform you that Forum member Biropen (a fellow Southern Federation Match Observer) had a serious emergency spinal operation this week following an accidental fall. We all hope he makes a swift and full recovery.
  14. Simon Thomas

    Adult Game Review

    There are (have been for some time) lots of discussions underway amongst clubs (especially at the NCA level 3 and 4), plus the level 5 and 6 clubs have realised the possible implications for them too. Lots of smoke & mirrors and forked tongues it seems - all very confusing. Lots of the AGR is...
  15. Simon Thomas

    RFU Game Development Dep have established a dedicated Laws email for Societies

    Back in February the following was sent to All Society and Federation management (crossref a secret email to only the nominated contacts) which re-instates the previous service we had through Dave Broadwell in the old Referees' Depertment. "To assist Societies seeking Law clarifications the...
  16. Simon Thomas

    New player for Bedwas RFC

    My cousin in Swansea sent me this You Tube video of a new player turning up for his first game.
  17. Simon Thomas

    Bury St Edmunds Rugby Club 40th Year since the plane crash tragedy

    This video brings back some very sad memories from a long time ago. March 3rd 1974 saw 18 members of the Bury St Edmunds Rugby Club perish in one of the world's worst plane crashes. The Rugby Club and individuals connected to those that were lost plan to remember the anniversary by holding a...
  18. Simon Thomas

    Concussion tests

    New RFU Headcase resources are here and the RFU are pushing this hard with a lot of extra material. They even request us to add a Headcase banner to our web sites - code here ! the match officials page is here and a useful PDF here Thee is a useful Pocket CONCUSSION RECOGNITION TOOL™ here from...
  19. Simon Thomas

    RFU Match Official Development Manager

    see here for full Job Spec "establish systems that enhance existing opportunities, and develop innovative solutions to address Match Official retention, recruitment and development challenges at national and local levels." "acting as the subject matter expert on all match official topics...
  20. Simon Thomas

    England v Wales

    did anyone close a thread England v Wales started by Browner ? if so, why ? he is PM-ing me wanting to know what he has done wrong