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    Does the delay undermine the disciplinary process? Available for World Cup
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    Tip Tackles Today at 6N

    Another one in the u20 Ire v Eng just after 52mins game time. White tackler got red card. Wasn't a pick and lift tip tackle, white tackled low but the speed of green player saw him flip over the top of white. As he's already going over white stands up, which does raise greens hips/legs though...
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    Charge down puts oppo on side

    I wonder if there would have been any discussion had the the original scenario been called offside 🤔😂
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    law change thought

    Not for me. A law I would modify is scoring a try - from a ruck within 5m of goal line the ball has to be first played out of the 5m zone. The pick and drive fest is too dull, farcical near the goal posts, and given emphasis on head safety, I'm surprised it's not been stopped already. If...
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    Offside when ball goes dead

    10.4.b Moves forwards towards the ball;
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    Eng v SA: Kholisi YC

    I don't understand that. Maybe this is too specific a case but when the many in maul fell to ground, the ball did not go to ground. Itoje and SA#20 remained on feet and both were trying to get the ball from somewhere within the pile. Only Itoje was asked to stop. I have no idea why.
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    Scrum advantage before 80:00

    "So you admit"?? I only made an observation, was not looking to offer a detailed blow by blow, nor derail the thread. Out.
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    Scrum advantage before 80:00

    I'd say he's offside in those 2 shots I don't agree with the Bristol s/h shoving his oppo either. I won't add any further screenshots as it's not clear where the ball is at the time of that shove, but after it the Leicester s/h is onside ?
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    Scrum advantage before 80:00

    Dare I say the law is clear? ? In this case we've got the ref applying 7.2.b The knock-on has been spotted and awarded within game time. With no advantage coming the ref _applies_ the sanction (7.2.b) - a scrum - which can be played because 5.7.a Will be interesting to see what the...
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    [Law] Jumping or Diving Clarification required

    Well your feet come up off the floor whichever way
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    [Law] Sco v Eng - Scrum back?

    I can't recall an example. It is what the Laws used to show though.
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    RWC Wales v Fiji penalty try

    Around 54mins, Fiji are awarded a penalty try. 8.3 A penalty try is awarded between the goal posts if foul play by the opposing team prevents a probable try from being scored, or scored in a more advantageous position. A player guilty of this must be cautioned and temporarily suspended or sent...
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    Simplified Laws - Tackled near goal line

    New draft: A tackled player near their own goal line may reach out and ground the ball in in-goal to make a touch down, provided it is done immediately. Not sure what they are trying to achieve with this? "own" instead of "opponent's" (or either) and "touch down" rather than "try" (or either)...
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    [Ruck] Are no 1's actions now illegal with new ruck definition?

    I thought she was off her feet in real-time, your comment made me check: right knee on the floor when she reacquires the ball. A moment after this she puts her weight on the ball through her hands to get back to her feet. If you think she was tackled then you would give a penalty. Good...
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    [Law] More new Laws?

    That clip caption omits reference to a tackle, which is in the ruck definition text in the slide: A ruck commences when at least one player is on their feet and over the ball which is on the ground (tackled player, tackler). Is this trial just about the tackle situation? I had assumed that...
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    [6N] England v Ireland

    Dylan Hartley tackled just short of the line. No tackler releases him - all trying to stop him placing the ball. Arriving white players push him over the line. TMO review and Roman Poite says "double movement". Baffling. Takes OB's Gambit one step too far for me.
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    Nigel Owens loss of form

    Really? There they are tussling for the ball after it has moved away from the tackle area, with G9 behind B2 and no signal from NO yet. The signal comes very soon after and I'm not stating that NO gave the penalty for this possible ruck offence, it's just that there was more going on than NO...
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    Other players entering tackle zone from the side...

    ...are not allowed if it is to play the ball (15.6(c) and (d)), nor if to tackle the first player in possession (15.6(f)). But what if it is to form a ruck? I had thought that was illegal too but it seems it's not explicitly forbidden. Have I misunderstood?
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    calling mark

    RFU Regs for U11/12 don't mention whether the mark (Law 18) can be called. I'd assumed not but it's not excluded either. Anyone know?