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    Uruguay try disallowed for obstruction

    The referee explained to the Uruguay captain that had 13 run at the defender's inside shoulder he would have been fine. Making contact on the outside shoulder prevented the defender from moving towards the ball carrier.
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    RFU law variations approved to lower tackle height

    Does the trial in Wales require a lower tackle height than in RFU-land?
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    RFU law variations approved to lower tackle height

    Would that be because of the position of the tacker's head?
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    Has the high number of replacements skewed the game?

    As long as the front row is covered, why shouldn't the composition of the replacements' bench be anyone's concern other than the coach. If he wants to risk having to play an 8 at full back why should WR care?
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    Bye Bye Hoggy

    From the man himself:
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    Refereeing niggle in U14 to U16 age groups

    We have a cooling off period in our high school league. The referee can have a player removed for a few minutes to allow a player to calm down or have his coach calm him down. There is no sanction, and the player can be replaced. A coach can also ask the referee to pull off one of his own...
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    Cannon arm....

    Based on 14.2 it is difficult to make a case that the ball carrier has been tackled. He is neither lying, nor sitting nor has at least one knee on the ground.
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    Interesting scrum binds

    Leinster in blue, La Rochelle in yellow. EPRC final.
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    RC player appears as touch judge

    Have him replaced immediately.
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    Do you mind wearing this mic

    We don't know how much that ref had to put up with, but I would have to be pushed very hard before I used that tone and told a player to shut up. Maybe its the high school teacher in me and dealing with adolescents all day has given me a longer fuse.
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    law change thought

    I hope not. Offside lines beyond the back foot are easy enough to manage at set pieces, but would be much more difficult in a more dynamic situation.
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    Reflections on Round 1

    He and Alex Ruiz both left refereeing to take up coaching positions. Ruiz is with Top 14 club, but I don't remember which.
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    Player Registration at all levels..

    It was hardly "all that". It was 5 minutes during my pre game routine, and 5 minutes during my post game routine. I did the card checks at the same time as I did boot checks.
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    Player Registration at all levels..

    Pretty much. Getting new cards done every spring took a lot of time and effort on Rugby Quebec's part.
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    Player Registration at all levels..

    We used to have cards but they disappeared years ago. Before the game I would have to collect and check the cards (did the picture on the card match the face in front of me) and then after the game ensure that only those names were on the game sheet. Game sheets are done online and it...
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    shot clock this weeekend

    All of our university games take place on football/gridiron fields with stadium clocks. The operators don't stop and start the clocks. As time winds down in each half, and particularly in the 2nd half of tight games I will remind the captains that the clock is not accurate. Often the clock is...
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    shot clock this weeekend

    They use this in the Top 14 don't they? What has been their experience with it?
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    Player Registration at all levels..

    What is a cashless debit card?
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    Player Registration at all levels..

    I assume so. I have never been a club ref. I went from playing to being a society ref.
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    Player Registration at all levels..

    Registration is done online through Rugby Canada by individual players. If there are no referees available, then a "club ref" will be assigned. I assume the club will have to inform Rugby Quebec to ensure that person is trained, and to get them paid.