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    Thank you, many valid points. I guess when I'm (over) thinking this I come back to the likelihood that if they'd butchered a try after one phase of play from a penalty advantage being given in the 22 (or "free play" as commentators repeatedly call it), the advantage would, almost certainly, have...
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    Nothing clear on the video but am assuming not as Anscombe asked to go back
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    I just wanted to canvas opinion on the advantage Wayne Barnes played at the end of the first half in the Wales v Australia match. The video is attached but, to summarise, time was up when Wales gained a penalty advantage from a scrum on the half way line. Play continues and they run the ball...
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    Developing YMOs

    We are lucky at my Club in so much as we have 4 society referees who are club members and regularly referee on Sundays for the youth section. They have encouraged those coming through the referee route to join the society in order to benefit from the resources there but also for those who dont...
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    I'd just like to say ....

    Cracking finish to the game which was nip and tuck all the way through. The decision to declare was interesting given that Root was still in having scored a hundred but was one of those where if England had taken a wicket or two before the close it would have been seen as genius. Ultimately we...
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    Steward RC

    And next season, when the ball carrier is banned from dropping their height whilst approaching a tackler, does the community equivalent of Keenan get sent off in an incident like this?
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    Condescending Refereeing

    No need to prise, I was under the impressinon that I'd already answered the question. But for the avoidance of doubt I think it's fine.
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    Condescending Refereeing

    Not at all out of the ordinary and, when I was playing and what I hear now on the field, commonplace for officials and amongst team members.
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    Condescending Refereeing

    This and Jarrod's point seem relevant here. The origin of the user should be taken into account when considering phraseology. Away from rugby, being referred to as "me duck" by someone from the East Midlands would be perfectly normal but would seem a bit odd if the person saying it was from...
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    Tackle Height Discussion

    I completed the RFU tackle height survey yesterday and it seems from the direction of questionning that they are working towards a sternum and below (midriff) type tackle height. The video preamble which accompanies the survey said that any changes will only impact tackles made in open play with...
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    Charge down puts oppo on side

    Without over thinking it, any interpretation which covers the ball going forward.
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    Charge down puts oppo on side

    As I mentioned before, if we interpret a charge down as a ball that only goes down (which until recently is how I saw it anyway) then the other laws all work. Why try and make our life more difficult?
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    Charge down puts oppo on side

    Short answer, yes. Longer answer, to be perfectly honest, if that happened in my game at the weekend I would give the same decision as KD did as that seems to be the expected interpretation regardless of whether I think its right.
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    Charge down puts oppo on side

    To be honest I've only ever heard this point argued since I joined this site but I referee it this way now because that seems to be what is expected. Whilst playing/coaching if you'd asked me what a 'charge down' was I'd have said that it was only applicable if the ball went forward following a...
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    Development Leagues

    A very sad case. I think women's rugby, in particular, faces challenges surrounding disparate playing experience of team members which, as this case highlights needs additional focus from coaches/match officials. Clubs are keen, and incentivised, to start womens/girls teams and the wide range of...
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    No Fun For anyone

    How gutted would you be to have a 190-0 win under your belt and still not have the highest 'points for' total in your league? Full credit to Kirkby Lonsdale for fulfilling their fixtures though.
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    Will you continue in Rugby?

    I can't help thinking that measuring tackle heights by players internal organs/bone locations is potentially fraught with problems however I am eagerly anticipating Wayne Barnes' discussion with the TMO when he arges that he is mitigating a sanction down to a YC as the tackler first made contact...
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    Football referee survey

    l cant help feeling that the football authorities have ignored this growing trend for a long time now. I can't work out why the county associations haven't gone down the path of giving initial warnings to teams/clubs before refusing to provide referees if the abuse continues.
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    England v South Africa

    I was speaking to a South African mate yesterday, big rugby fan, who was at Twickenham on Saturday. Said he'd forgotten how little time the ball is in play in international rugby and how often the crowd spend wondering what is going on. So many stoppages, resets, TMO referrals, injuries etc...