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    Others sporting interests

    Anyone have any other interests outside Rugby?? If so, what & how did you become involved with your other sport???
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    [Law] The history of the LoTG (LAW 4 In Particular)

    Can any one help me with the above????????? I have tried contacting the World Rugby Museum at Twickenham to be told they dont have the info I requested and to try World Rugby. I await the reply from World Rugby with interest
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    [Law] Wayne Barnes Ire V Sco 2018 6 Nations

    How lax with his interpretation of the laws of the game of Rugby Union was Mr Barnes this afternoon in Dublin????????
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    [Law] Read & Discuss If this is in wrong place, please feel free to move it
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    [Law] ENG V RSA ------ Lead up to Games 1st try

    On posting the following question, I take for granted that you have all seen the Eng V RSA highlights from the 1st weekend of the autumn internationals :) Do any of you think that there is a case for a penalty against england for obstruction in the lead up to the game's first try, scored by...
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    [Law] Oz Red Card V Scotland

    HAving seen footage of the Kepu Red Card What are Members thoughts ????? for me its a breach of 10.4(a) and red all day every day Red Card footage on link above
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    [Law] Pre-match chat with captains

    In your pre-match chat with the captains, what are your main points for discussion ???? Mine are as Follows 1. what I expect at varying phases of the game (tackle, ruck etc) 2. what I will and will not accept in relation to Breaches of Law 10 3. Questions from Either Captain keep it Brief...
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    [Law] New Law Variations

    How is everybody finding the new law variations??????
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    cle on the onlibritains only deaf referee this Gent referees out of the midlands society of the SRU have a read and comments please
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    a rethink on advantage this article was written by a New Zealander in 2007. I found it while rummaging around the IRB website would like the memberships comments on what requires doing to make the current version of the advantage law better...
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    Law 10 (FOUL PLAY)

    Does law 10 allow or permit the referee to award a PK to the non-offending side due to the fact that he is being "Verbally Challenged" by the captain of the offending side???? this question is asked as i Watched the 1st half of a game at my old secondary today school and the referee did just...
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    Brian Moore Would Mr Moore be as kind as to talk us all through how this came about :scot:
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    Sean Lineen

    can any one throw any light on the rumours that Lineen has left Glasgow to be replaced by Gregor Townsend????????
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    Stuart Dickinson Stuart dickinson from Oz has been and done a masters degree is International Sport Management from southern Cross university Should more of the elite referees look at life after rugby as Stuart has done???? Please discuss
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    I have a confession to make!!!!

    2 months before my 35th birthday I played in my first ever Golden oldies tournament in my home town of Perth in Scotland. Am i liable to be suitably repremanded for this??????????