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    [Law] Scotland vs Italy - Charge down?

    At 36 minutes on the game clock: Blue 10 kicks ahead and chases his own kick. It bounces and White 9 fly hacks the ball back towards Blue 10 sticks his left hand out close to his side and knocks the ball forward. In real time it looked a bit wrong (not the...
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    [Law] Offside after Accidental Offside

    In a scenario where Red 10 kicks the ball forward straight into Red 8, who is accidentally offside so now playing advantage as the ball bounces back towards Red try line, is Red 7 who is standing between Red 10 and Red 8 still offside from the original kick (and penalisable if he interferes with...
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    [Mini/Midi] U11 NROP - Ripping

    Hi all, I was hoping for some guidance about when and how to penalise players ripping the ball and not passing at U11s. 6 (b) Where the ball has been ripped from the ball carrier, whether by the attacker or defender, the ball must be passed immediately away from the contact area. I presume...
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    [Law] Ball hits physio

    Black in possession and in Green's half kick put a grubber kick through, where the ball hits a physio treating an injured (green) player. Referee awards a scrum to green, citing green "would have got the ball back from the kick". Is this the correct decision? Law 20.4(d) Scrum after any other...