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    [Tackle] What's wrong with this?

    It looks worse than it is because the ball carrier is seriously unbalanced just before being headbutted in the chest. I'm bemused both by the YC and the somewhat bizarre idea that this is a textbook tackle. It is certainly not a 'tackle' I would like to see grassroots or youth players attempt...
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    Lions Series - Accidental Offsite?

    I see now that the image failed to upload properly, but your question is clear enough (I think). As I mentioned before in this thread, it was John West who convinced me that the momentum (League, to my father's mind! But my father was also a cricket umpire) interpretation of the forward pass...
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    Lions Series - Accidental Offsite?

    Ian, I realise that I don't have your expertise with video, so my apologies that the animated gif below consists of only three frames. I used only the youtube video that The Fat gave in post #9, Print Screen, paste into Paint, crop and resize, and then My apologies for the...
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    Lions Series - Accidental Offsite?

    World Rugby disagrees:
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    Lions Series - Accidental Offsite?

    Stills never tell the whole story, but note where Read is and the blurring of his face compared to that of the other players. Also note which face cannot be seen at all - that of the lifter! And remember that the camera is back at the half way line, so the tiny sliver of face that you do see is...
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    Lions Series - Accidental Offsite?

    He hasn't read yet, either. What do you expect of him?
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    Lions Series - Accidental Offsite?

    Thank you for a better video than the live feed I had. My initial impression was that the challange wasn't fair, and this confirms it - although not for the reason I thought at the time. Going for a ball with a single hand and knocking it on is a penalty when the receiver is expecting a pass...
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    Statistics: lead changing from side to side

    The post about betting got me to post this. Well, actually I was considering it since a humdinger of a match my club lost last week, having been ahead three (different) times in the game. It is common, particularly when one side is outmatched, for the team that scores first to never lose the...
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    Leagues, upsets, home advantage, and levels

    It always amazes me how many tiers of rugby union leagues there are in England. In the Netherlands there are just five levels for men, a Premier division, a first, two second divisions split N/S (now of 12 sides each, formerly 10), four third divisions, and with the size increase higher up, now...
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    Flag up, ball not in touch

    I made a mistake as a TJ yesterday. The side in possession had managed to keep the ball in play (90%+ likely they did, and I'm not interested in the <10% chance I was right after all) and raised my flag too soon. Ref whistled immediately, presumably expecting the ball carrier to be jostled into...
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    "Tackle" in goal

    Although a tackle can only take place in the field of play (15.1), defenders have the right to stop the ball from being grounded after the ball-carrier has cross the goal line. In a very one-sided game, a sole defender attempted to stop the ball carrier from grounding the ball by holding him...
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    RWC Aus vs Sco

    The one on the right is what is being talked about.
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    LHP/THP & uncontested (from SA decision to go uncontested)

    Even more so at the highest level than any other, props are the most different pairing. Locks and wings may have preferences, and there is a clear difference between inside and outside centre, but with props there is perhaps more of a difference than between SH and FH (admittedly only at scrum...
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    Congratulations SH!

    You've finally taught the NH how to score :) Should be an interesting Cup!
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    England v NZ

    Ian_Cook, you are right. My world is different to yours. My world involves the image below.
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    after repassing the exam I recalled mention of and went and did it. I got 21/22, the one which I got wrong was "Law 5: Time. Can a rugby match last for more than 80 minutes?" which I answered in the affirmative. My reasoning...
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    Can a maul become a ruck?

    Background: a red player was held by a blue player, and was joined by plenty of other red players long before the six of them were lying on the ground. A clear penalty under either maul or ruck law, so no issue there. My question is: can a maul ever become a ruck? Note that I used to believe...
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    Cards after mass handbags, U17

    The coaches were happy, but I'm not 100% on the decision. Orange v Yellow, half time score 5-5. Halfway through the second half the visitors had scored a penalty and two (unconverted) tries. With temperaure well above 20C and humidity above 80%, one player at around this time (unrelated to...
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    Help needed on this one!!

    Like this, 19.2
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    If you want to be productive don't click on the link in this thread.

    Did you have to remind me?