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    I'd just like to say ....

    i hadn't realised that. i had thought it was just after the wicket. kind of changes what i think about it. i was going to go with the teenage stupidity argument, i certainly said and did things at that age that i cringe at now (and i think most people would if they're honest with themselves)
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    Refereeing niggle in U14 to U16 age groups

    yeah, that didn't come out the way it was intended!
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    Refereeing niggle in U14 to U16 age groups

    i've not been involved in youth rugby for many years now, but this sounds fantastic. when my team lost the county colts final to Barking, who had a Saracens squad player, we spent 70 minutes beating the crap out of each other (including a 29 man brawl) before having a bloody good drink up...
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    Scrum feed

    England, obviously ;)
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    WB shows YC for swearing

    i am not. quite the opposite in fact.
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    WB shows YC for swearing

    i'm with marc here. it's not unknown for WB to react quickly to such things, like he did with Dylan Hartley was was talking to himself apparently when he looked squarely at WB and said "f*cking cheat". if he was likely to "lose it", i'd imagine the powers that be would have identified the...
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    Where are you this weekend - 2021/22?

    nice. that's the sort of thing i tried to do with my short-lived (yet award winning, i don't know if i've ever mentioned that :D) club referee association a few years back, to try and make the club as welcoming as possible for incoming refs. good to hear that things like this are appreciated...
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    Where are you this weekend - 2021/22?

    hope it goes well Marc, and doesn't get delayed again.
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    Scrum advantage before 80:00

    is that your interpretation, or is that backed up by law or clarification? if it's the former that's fine. for me, i prefer OB's suggestion of going back for the scrum, to avoid having the situation where the speed of whistle determines whether or not the scrum is played. it's not a likely...
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    Scrum advantage before 80:00

    it might be me being dim, but what do you mean by this? time is up when the clock hits 80 minutes, but that shouldn't have any bearing on making the right decision surely? either we should give the scrum in this scenario or we shouldn't, the fact that nobody else knows the exact time shouldn't...
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    Above and beyond

    so just like me in my last game then :cool::) fair play to the two teams involved. and indeed the Sir in question.
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    New Forum Feedback

    thank you, i can now see them.
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    i've lost count of the number of times i've had to explain to my club colleagues (generally youth coaches) why it has to be this way round, and how it's not really feasible for Stowmarket to nip back to pick up a change kit just because we've decided to play in tour kit rather than their normal...
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    New Forum Feedback

    ah, i can't. does anyone else also have this issue?
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    New Forum Feedback

    have the referee only forums been removed? i recall they weren't getting much traffic on the old site.
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    Front Row

    yep. when i played (a long time ago, and not for very long), i was almost always against someone much better than me. and almost without fail they'd only use a few of their tricks at first, and introduce new ones when i figured out a way of countering the first ones. and they'd always talk me...
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    yellow card?

    tiggers vs northampton, about 33 minutes in. northampton number 8 picks from the base of the scrum and gets hit high. TMO calls in a high shot and, on review, Karl Dickson confirms: - the high shotavoidable, as the tackler could get lower - the ball carrier did not drop his height so no...
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    F**k off you little b***h

    at least that's what i heard the Cardiff #8 say to Jerome Garces towards the end of the game this evening (unredacted version available after midnight). i don't have a time, but it's mid second half. anyone else suspect he'll use the Dylan Defence if and when he gets pulled up for it? should...
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    Lions - shameless begging

    Calling all Kiwis... as you likely already know, tickets to the Lions tests are being allocated by ballot. each name pulled out gets the opportunity to buy up to 4 tickets, which realistically means that only the first 10,000 names for each test will be able to go. 3 of us will be in the...
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    [RWC] one week for a tip tackle? thoughts? seems a shade light to me...