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    [Law] Kick hits own player - offence?)

    Scenario is say Blue 10 kicks the ball after ruck, hits blue 8 who is 2 metres ahead of Blue 10, rebounds to blue 10 who runs past standing Red players (who told me they were waiting for me to blow offside) and score a try. Is there any offence here? Blue 8 was in front of the ball player, but...
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    [Kit] Knee braces with plastic buckles

    Law 4.4 (c) A player must not wear any items containing buckles, clips, rings, hinges, zippers, screws, bolts or rigid material or projection not otherwise permitted under this Law. What's the general consensus on knee braces with hard plastic buckles? I won't let people ply in them, at...
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    [Law] Head injury or not

    There has been some press coverage of France' decision to take off Uini Antonio and replace him with Rabat Slimani in those heady extra 20 minutes on Saturday. Slimani had already been substituted (tactical) when Uini seemed to be struggling a little bit. Barnes asked Antonio if he has fit, he...
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    Keith Earle 'shoulder' pads

    The professional game does not make out life at the amateur level very easy. What with squint feeds, long arm transfer at the maul etc. But have a look at some of the padding worn in the professional game. The one that caught my eye today was Keith Earls's body armour. My eye was drawn to...
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    [Maul] Ball carrier get knees on the ground

    I can't figure out what the right answer/response is here. Open play then collision (no tackle as BC not brought to ground), maul develops then the BC manages to get his knees on the ground (normally by dropping lifting their legs and using their body weight to get to the ground). What happens...
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    [Maul] Why does the ball carrier have to be at the back?

    As I understand it, once a maul has formed the ball should always be at the back of the maul, so as players join on the ball carriers side, the ball should be passed back through the maul so the last rear most person in the mail has the ball. If the ball stays in the middle of the ball the team...
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    Increasing lack of respect?

    I'm wondering if other referees are noticing or experiencing a lack of respect from teams and coaches. I have refereed 3 games this season where either the whole (losing) team and coaches, or the vast majority of them, have refused to shake my hand after a game. I appreciate they may have...
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    Player rolling after tackle

    What do you all think about players rolling after they have been tackled? I've been training with my local side to get fit for the new season, and they are coaching that after you have gone down during a tackle, you then roll 360 to slow down the opposition attempt to get the ball and give time...
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    Fitness tracking app/watch

    Hello all I'm looking for an app I can use with my iPhone and/or Apple Watch to track my pitch coverage in a game. I'm after something similar to the stats provided by The adidas mi cell which you can stick on your shoes and shows how far you travelled, maximum sprint speed, number of sprints...
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    [Law] Banned clothing sanction

    Under law 4, if you find a player wearing clothing you already told them was banned they should be sent off. Does this mean red or would a yellow be sufficient? 4.5 (c) If, at an inspection before the match, the referee or a touch judge tells a player that an item banned under this Law is...
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    [Law] Offence before the game

    This thread comes about for a recent thread over whether you can start the second half with a penalty due to an out of time offence. Similar question but for issues before the game. I'm not necessarily taking about foul play (but feel free to comment) but what about teams delaying kick off...
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    [Kit] What do you do for pre match preparation

    Firstly apologies for the kit prefix, I could not figure out where to put this question. This question is driven by a comment I saw in another thread, where a referee mentioned a delay meaning they only just had time to do all their pre match stuff after arriving I think 70 minutes before...
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    [Law] Player on the ground - law reference

    I know the accepted wisdom that a player the ground is out of the game, but does anyone have a specific law reference for this? say for example a player is on the floor having completed a tackle in the previous phase, then a loose ball pops his way and he grabs and passes it, whilst still on...
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    [Ruck] Obstruction at a ruck

    Hello all I constantly see on TV (a different game I know but bear with me) forwards standing at the side of the ruck, with one arm on another player, usually with the espress purpose of making the ruck wider and preventing the opposition reaching the scrum half to tackle or block the kick. I...
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    Where to take conversion?

    Fairly minor point but I had a challenge from a team over the weekend about where you can take a conversion from. They said if you put the ball down anywhere between the posts, you can take the kick from the centre line of the posts (even if the touchdown point was parallel with the left hand...
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    Rear most player pick up

    I think I know the answer to this (no, it's a penalty) but would like your opinion. Blue forward joins the back of a ruck as the ball is pushed back to prevent it being clear of the ruck. He then decides to pick up and go. I think penalty for handling in the ruck, agreed?