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    Jumping over the tackle again

    Potential foul play doesn't exist, foul play either occurs or it doesn't. Every single tackle situation EVER has the potential for foul play from either BC or Tackler. Skillful evasion should be applauded, not penalised. The risk of hitting a tackler with feet or Knees (and thereby getting a...
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    Are the french more forgiving? Both players sign for french clubs, co-incidence? or are the french [supporters/club officials & press] merely more forgiving about such matters? In contrast many in the UK applauded the IRFU decision for it's tough 'game values' stance who's...
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    Rfu - emc

    <tbody> RFU - Electronic Match Card 'extended' roll out Electronic Match Card (EMC) will be extended to level eight within the men’s league structure and to National Challenge 1 within the women’s league structure. This will result in an additional 518 clubs and additional 5000+ matches...
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    new sanction table - World Rugby

    There have been some amendments, and some new categories 9.27 A player must not disrespect the authority of a Match This is a new category and the following entry points apply: - Low: 2 weeks Mid: 4 weeks Top: 6+ weeks A player must not verbally abuse a Match Official. Verbal...
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    [Maul] what is the game status now

    Scenario: A Maul forms in the field of play , [and for the purpose of discussion involves 4 players from each team] Without there being any evidence of a knock-on the ball is dropped to the ground [or is placed there by a player ] and remains under the feet of the players who had been...
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    12 min sin bin

    At disciplinary Hearing, you are given 'credit' for accepting/admitting your offence. I'd like to see a YC being issued for 12 mins, which is then reduced to 10 mins if the player accepts the referees sanctioning without standing in front of him waving his arms & pleading that he was innocent...
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    SKILLS that make you say wow !

    Hopefully, in time, many can add to this thread with fav clips of their own, but i'm kicking it off with this recent 'overhead' pass Ooo-la-la
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    TMO 'assistance' or not !

    Did anyone else notice in the NZFerns deserved victory over England Roses England were mauling toward the line & had driven over the line, TMO reviewed it & said "Ball was held up - restart with scrum out - defence ball" Thankfully, Joy ignored him & correctly gave ball to the attacking team...
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    No longer a Force
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    14.2 [A] has the pro game removed this from their game

    Unless I'm mistaken, the pro game seems to ignore instances of this nowadays . Most ref's recognise the vulnerability of a player who's gone to ground Here's a clip from the NZ v BIL game , it's a fairly obvious example of how the arriving player just plops onto the player who's fallen off...
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    Should a normal Lineout be permitted, when it's short of the LoT? In this Clip, NZAB hooker sets his throwing position some 2 - 2.5m short of the LoT, despite the AR clearly marking it otherwise. Was it necessary for JP to use time to reposition the LO, surely if the thrower doesn't want to stand on the LoT but instead...
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    Communication styles

    I was thoroughly impressed with Wayne Barnes' clarity, decision & communication during Scots plundering of the Aussies recently, his handling of Foleys YC was majestic, explain-demonstrate-move away=get on with the game. In contrast to some other matches I've watched recently where there seems...
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    Taken back in

    sorry I was on holiday when this match happened & i've only just watched it - but it concerns a situation that might have been discussed on RR previously. Can someone tell me the best way to search for old threads ? In this clip watch from 13:23 on the game clock. Finn Russell makes a huge...