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    Has the Invasion Begun So, is this the beginning of the crown taking back what was their's? :horse:
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    Defender Held Up In-Goal

    So, here's one from Saturday. Attackers kick into in-goal. Defender picks up the ball (no attempt to ground) and gets swarmed and the ball gets held up. I awarded a 5 metre attacking scrum because: 22.10 Ball held up in-goal When a player carrying the ball is held up in the in-goal so that...
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    Vegas 2015/2016?

    Rumor has it that Vegas has lost their iRB spot to Vancouver. Anyone on the inside heard anything?
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    Season Goal

    So, one of my goals this season was to cover 4 miles in a single game. My final decent level game of the year was a College D1A game. Weather was cold and wet. First Half: 1.87 miles (a little disappointed in this number) Second Half: 2.12 miles (a new distance record for one half) Total...
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    Who can kick

    I had a situation today that had me thinking. Black had a player in the bin. They scored a try, which was the end of the bin. While everyone was getting in position for the conversion, I told the binned player they could return. He came over to take the conversion (it turns out 90 seconds is...
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    Touch Question

    Last weekend I overruled a touch judge (not an AR) which led to the winning try being scored. The player was tackled near touch (around 5 metres out) and released the ball as he was being dragged into touch. The touch judge raised the flag, but he was unsighted to the ball, and I immediately...
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    USA Rugby WHY??????????

    so, USA Rugby has released their 2012/2013 game management guidelines. For the most part, I think it is a good document which puts a lot of black and white onto gray areas. Then I get to the balls out section (page 14 if anyone is interested) and their direction is once the ball is play able...
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    Knock On into Ingoal

    I had a scenario in a game the other day and was looking for feedback. Blue knocks on into red's ingoal. Red touches it down. Would it be fair/appropriate to give red the option of scrum or 22 drop? If they have a weak scrum, or don't want a 5 metre scrum, a 22 drop could be considered...
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    Witty Comebacks

    I had a game this weekend that had me thinking. It started with a choach yelling the old 'You have to let him up" chestnut, which made me smile. Which of course made the coach mad and yelled "Don't smile at me, you know I'm right. I've reffed more games than you've seen". He let it go after...
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    Where's the Kick From?

    I've just finished a marathon week of rugby, and had two errors in law that I made pointed out to me, both around the location of a penalty kick. I've checked the good book and can't seem to find a clear answer to the points made. I was wondering if someone could point me in the correct...
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    Number 8 Binding

    Quick question on the number 8 binding on the scrum. Once the number 8 has bound onto the scrum (between both locks or lock and flanker), can they change position? I've always told them that they can choose which ever position they want but once decided they are stuck until the scrum is over...
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    Number Question

    I was wondering if anyone has any tips for picking out player numbers? I'm only catching them about half the time and it does wonders for your credibility when you have a number. Thanks
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    Knock On Question

    I'm not sure if this has ever been posed as a question before, but I was pinged on an assessment due to the following: Off of a kick off, a girl went to catch the ball, it missed her arms/hands completely bounced off of her chest and went forward. I called it a knock on. The assessor pointed...