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    I didn't do many games last year, for various reasons, and when I dug out my kit this year I found that my watch has died, new battery was no help, it is an ex-watch. So I need a new one. I don't want to spend a fortune to be tracked by satellite or report my blood pressure or whatever, and...
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    [Line out] Old law

    I went to watch my local team on Saturday, having set the video to record the game on TV, and was surprised to hear the referee insist that non-throwing team had to match numbers in the line out. How long ago did that law change to 'not exceed' the throwers' numbers? It also raised a second...
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    Has Nigel made a mistake?

    Scotland v SA today. Pieterson turns the Scotland player upside down and lets him land on his head. TMO eventually talks Nigel into a penalty, just a penalty, when it looks to fit all the requirements of a straight red. Sam Warburton must be shaking his head in disbelief. Thoughts?
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    Spot McCaw

    Spot McCaw... Shamelessly nicked from the Rugbybanter Facebook page. I'd link to it if I knew how.
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    Pro 12 Final

    Some praise for a change in a forum. Nigel was very good yesterday. Missed one knock on (which was odd as it looked very like the last gasp try denying one from his game last week), but that apart he was showing why is generally regarded as the best. Picked up on all the things the Warriors...
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    Cleaning v Saracens

    Right then. All you defenders of Mr Clancy, explain why Ashton's no arms 'tackle' wasn't a clear Penalty Try and YC but a 22 drop out????
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    The Should Of thread

    No, but then you're misconstruing "above" and "on top of" (and it is "should have" not "should of" - which is an errant back-formation of the abbreviated "should've" which really, in case you hadn't notice, gets my pedantic goat:D and probably means you are a lot younger than I am:()
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    9 y c

    If the 9 gets a Yellow card, do they have to provide someone else to stand by other 9 at a defensive scrum?
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    Most pathetic whinge

    U18 game this weekend. Conversion, ball lands and rolls into drainage ditch beyond DBL. All trot back to half way, eventually followed by fly half "Sir, the ball's wet, can we change it" !!!!!!!!!
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    Leicester/Saracens final penalty

    I haven't watched the highlights yet, and if rest of the report is accurate, I may not bother, but there does seem to be some grief at the end. 'But Saracens director of rugby Mark McCall believes the officials robbed his side by giving the penalty to the wrong side. Saracens destroyed...
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    Tackled without the ball?

    Just watched the Ospreys v Blues game and among the decisions of Mr Hodges was a very odd one indeed. O's wing has the ball between his goal line and 22. He stars to runout and then decides to kick. Milli-seconds after releasing the ball, he gets tackled and can't complete the kick. Mr. H then...
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    appreciation someone appreciates us
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    Glasgow 27 Ulster 9

    Apart from the splendid scoreline, which Glasgow fully deserved, by the way, this was the first match I've seen where the man off was enforced. Ulster ran out of props and were told that if the now injured pro went off, they were going to play with 14. He gamely tried in the next scrum, but was...
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    possible tip tackle

    Sorry, I forgot it was behind a paywall. I hope it is attached to this post. - - - Updated - - - As I said, stills can be deceptive, but this one could still go either way...
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    possible tip tackle

    Yesterday's Times (England) Sports section, article on Cockerill illustrated on p17 with a photo. OK,it's only a still, which we know can be misleading, but, would you have chosen this one?
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    What do TMO's actually see and what can they say?

    Just finished watching the Osprey's v Treviso and apart form the general performance of the man with the whistle, the most surprising thing was the try awarded by the TMO. O's attck and winger is pushed into touch just before the corner flag, momentum and the wet surface allow to plough on...
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    Offside under 10m law when kick goes backwards

    Can you be so? On Friday AR penalised Glasgow for this when the fly-half attemted to kick ahead but succeeded only in slicing it off the side off his boot and sending about 5m nearer his own goal line. 11.4 OFFSIDE UNDER THE 10-METRE LAW (a) When a team-mate of an offside player has kicked...
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    just watched the highlights of Worcester v Exeter. How did that Exeter player get away with a "tackle" where his opponent is turned upside down and drops on his head. Andy Goode being interviewed at the end asks for consistency of referreing, which in thia case is a fair enough request, isn't...
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    award for player knowing the laws

    should go this week to Tony Buckley of Sale. Exeter scrum 5m from their line, gets pushed back so that 8's feet and the ball are in goal. While Exeter scrum half does the usual, these days, stand and ponder. Buckley moves in and exerts downwards pressure on the ball for the score! Well done to...
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    Gone 90

    Before I go and look this up, a chance for you all to shine.... Scrum, red put in, taken against the head by blue and scrum then wheels 90 so blow up for reset and turnover ball. But whose put-in? Turnover against red as they put it in, or against blue because they were in possession? After I...