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    9 joining a maul at a lineout

    Blue throw to a lineout. Ball is caught and held by blue, catcher is lowered onto his feet, maul forms, blue 9 joins the maul - concurrent with catcher being lowered to his feet. Legal?
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    3 Red cards in 2 minutes.

    their logo uses the form iRB, hence my usage respects theirs.
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    to whom it may concern

    Well - is this you?
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    where does fair comment end?

    Soccer manager Allardice is charged with suggesting that match officials my be corrupt or biased when he said that it was commonplace for the same offence to be treated differently at Old Trafford, when an away player handling the ball was penalised, but not a home player. Would it be...
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    Scottish Independence

    By the end of 2014 Scots will have voted in a referendum as to whether they want independence from the UK or not. My question is simple. Why are Scots the only ones to have a voice on this? Why can the English not have a referendum as to whether we prefer Scotland as part of the UK or not...
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    And now when editing the second one it just sites there and winks at me.
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    Why can I never successfully save the edit to a post I have made? The system allows me to change the text, but when I press "Save" it just sits there giggling at me and refusing to do anything until I get bored and resort to cancelling it and posting a correction below.
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    Any one got a Law reference saying that players cannot dissent from the ref decision? Used to be 6.A.5 - but that is now the old 6.A.6 shuffled up one.:shrug:
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    Woodford vs. Chelmsford - Last Minute Exchange!

    Though other Essex clubs may have different post match protocols:
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    Woodford vs. Chelmsford - Last Minute Exchange!

    Essex ref in the clubhouse post match:
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    The Law says...........

    Huuuu-rrrrr-uuummmph Simon is now out of touch for a few days (who said, "he's been out of touch for years!" - naughty boy!)
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    New Kit Bag

    Are you looking for something like this?
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    The RFU Championship

    Nice to see Jersey will be competing in the Championship this year...
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    Law 19.2 quick throw in

    The Law used to be that the QT could be anywhere from the place where the ball went into touch and the players goal-line, now it is anywhere between the line of touch and the players goal line. If the kicker is outside his 22 when he kicks direct into touch then the "place where the ball...
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    Olympic Games - How are you doing?

    For me the picture of the games so far was Kate Copelands face when she and Sophie Hoskin won Gold in the rowing Not sure if it's elation or pure terror....
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    Guess what today is...................

    You may wish to exercise a degree of caution.
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    Rugby in Grassy Key FLA

    Daughter's boyfriend, in Grassy Key, Marathon, Florida, has expressed an interest in learning about rugby. Anywhere local to him recommended?
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    Ld Welsh Vs Pirates

    Should Gazza have swatted Vinnie? Or would be safer simply to thank him for his time?
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    Lancaster or Mallet?

    Lancaster seems to have done a great job so far, he has worked with the upcoming players for several years and he seems to be sure of the structure he wants and to have the right support within the squad. Mallet - South African, and not upto speed with top class rugby after a few years with...
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    Referee Action Possible

    When the ref doesn't see the foul play he cannot take a lot of action, but if you saw an injury like this on the pitch would you want to talk to the captains and begin to lay down some basic principles, such as, if I see something like this then it will be a red card and I would anticipate a...