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    [In-goal] Competing for the ball on the ground - knee to head

    Hi all, Wondered if I could get your thoughts on a scenario. Yellow are near white's try line and grubber kick through. White fullback slides in, gathers the ball, slides over the try line and dots the ball down. At the same time, yellow winger also slides in attempting to ground the ball...
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    [Ruck] Pawing/holding the ball back for the scrum half

    Hello all, Just wanted people's opinions on something I've seen happen in the ruck. Usually it only happens when the team in possession have won the ruck quite comfortably and are not under pressure. I've seen players who are at the back of the ruck roll the ball back slightly with one hand or...
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    [Line out] Long arm transfer sanction

    Hi all! Just a quick one - I wondered what the sanction is for a long arm transfer at the lineout? Would you give a penalty kick or a free kick to the opposition? Presumably on the fifteen? Any idea on the secondary signal?! Thank you!
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    [Line out] Line out throw goes to the other team

    Hi all, Just a quick one. What would you do if the hooker throws in the line out - but it goes not straight to the other team I.E. curves away from his own team to the opposition jumper? Does play continue? Is it advantage for a forward throw? Or do you give the opposition captain the...
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    [Law] Penalty kicked to touch after full time

    Hi all, Just seeking some clarification after something came up in a match at the weekend (I was actually playing on this occasion). The ref had called last play on a scrum, the ball came out and went into open play, taking us into injury time. We then conceded a penalty. The opposition kicked...
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    [Ruck] All opposition players leaving the ruck

    Hi there, I saw this clip of David Pocock being smart and recognising that no ruck (and thus no offside line) had formed, therefore positioning himself right behind the Irish scrum half to intercept a pass. It made me...
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    [Law] Advantage queries

    Hello all! I've just started refereeing and I had two queries about advantage I wondered if you could help with. :D 1) Law 8.3e states the following: After the ball has been made dead. Advantage cannot be played after the ball has been made dead. So does this mean advantage finishes if the...