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    [Kit] Kinesiology Tape and Calf muscles

    I wear skins calf support’s BUT if I get a minor calf problem I use K tape. This was first done for me by my massage therapist and it really worked to support an injury. I do it myself now at the first sign of a twinge and I am 100% convinced of its effectiveness
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    [Kit] Are football studs now specifically outlawed?

    I have the clarification. You will see that it comes from Michael Patz, match official development manager at the RFU. "A summary of above is that the vast majority of studs not in a worn or dangerous condition will be acceptable." There we are.
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    Scrum through 90

    Law 20.11 from 2016 law book: "If a scrum is wheeled through more than 90 degrees, so that the middle line has passed beyond a position parallel to the touchline, the referee must stop play and order another scrum. (b) This new scrum is formed at the place where the previous scrum ended. The...
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    Front row brief

    I am going mad looking for this! Last night part of ToT for cup game. The ref says to the other AR who he had been AR for the previous night "I noticed you did not brief the front row last night". No came the reply, "not required by Law so to do". I said, you really should you know..... Not...
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    Narrow studs

    Is anyone else seeing this? In Several recent matches I have noticed players wearing boots with studs that are far too narrow, much narrower than the 10 mm that is required. So far I've just informed that they need to get them changed but it's happening so often but I'm beginning to wonder...
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    Banter at the scrum

    Collectively there must be a wealth of funny comments/sledging heard by members around the scrum. This from yesterday Hartpury College II v Exeter Uni II: Hartpury 2 complains that Exeter 2 is set up on, not left of the mark. Exeter 2 "why don't you go back to your colouring in?"...
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    RFU educator kit - swop sought

    Absolutely Browner - here you are!:
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    RFU educator kit - swop sought

    Anybody out there received the new kit and found that instead of medium stadium pants they really need large? Having ordered large I need medium....... RFU will not exchange (un) helpfully. No, I haven't lost weight.... last time around the Nike pants in medium were a bit snug. Canterbury...
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    Referee Debagged Extraordinary!
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    Dip and Pick at scrum

    I can't find a previous thread on this issue.... Has anyone seen an increase (as I have) in the technique I have had decribed to me as "dip and pick" since the new engagement sequence came in this season? (Dip and pick is where one of the front rows gets under his opponent and forces him up...
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    Referee Knocked Out

    I had finsihed my L6 second team game on Saturday and wandred over to watch the last 1/2 hr of the National League 2 first game on the next door pitch. There was no play taking place and it turned out that the referee had been KO'ed. I knew AR1 well and he asked me to hang about in case he had...
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    Off to Yorkshire

    Have been appointed to Old Brodleians v Pontefract on the 9th March. Anything I need to know? For the incomers to Glouc the fixtures are Cheltenham v Salisbury (6), Cirencester v Old Bristolians (7) and Stroud v Bristol Saracens (8)..... Many thanks
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    Penalty not taken at the mark

    Now of course the answer to this is "manage it" but I am looking for re-assurance in the event that management fails..... "there's the mark for the penalty 10" 10 proceeds to run 2 meters past the mark and just gains touch. Next penalty... "10, I have made the mark there make sure you don't...
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    Sliding into in goal and avoiding a tackle

    Watching torrential rain fall yesterday afternoon I found myself musing on a scenario, and a look at TLOTG left me unsure as to the correct interpratation in law.... Imagine this - blue player running flat out towards goal line. Several red players are between him and the goal line preparing to...
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    How long to touch down...?

    On exchange in Lancashire on Saturday, hard uncompromising L7 game with stiff wind down the ground. Away team FH gives mighty wallop to 22 drop out and ball sails downfield with yours truly in hot pursuit. For some reason home FB was not furthest player back and player tracking back hesitated...