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    [Maul] Going to ground in a maul in U12s

    I found myself in a minority of one recently so I'd appreciate some clarification or guidance: Under English U12 regs, can the ball carrier go to ground once a maul has been called without being accused of collapsing the maul, if he releases the ball immediately. I can see this on the World...
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    [Mini/Midi] U12 regs missing clause?

    In the 2019 version of the U12 regs a reference is made to clause 8 m)iv but it doesn't exist. Any idea what it should be, or do they really mean m(iii) ? Here's the offending passage... 8. The Tackle, Maul and Ruck: ... m) When the tackle is made and the ball carrier is on the ground...
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    U12 regs and jackling

    I'm moving up to coach U12s this season and I'm a bit confused about Reg 15 5 v.... Free Kick will be awarded ...... If a player is prevented by the opposition from passing the ball immediately when they have gone to ground in possession. Does this prevent jackling? I've seen some more...