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    Tackle / Ruck materiality clips? Anyone?

    All, I know some of you out there are way better than me at finding clips from games, so I ask your help. I'm looking for clips from any level of game, where there are clear infringements, but you could avoid blowing the whistle as not material. (Don't care what the ref actually did in the...
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    Knock out competitions

    We all know that in U19 and below there is a restriction on playing time. So if a game ends in a draw, we can't play extra time. But would people allow a kicking contest to decide the winner?
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    New Forum?

    What do people think about a forum for where refs can post video of their games, to ask for constructive feedback? Would be a great help for those of us in "non-rugby" countries with limited resources. Are just stick to the match report forum?
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    [INTERNATIONAL] Lineout law error?

    Couldn't find a discussion on this one, but point let me know if already being discussed. In one of the games at on Saturday (forget which, but think it was France v Scotland), there is a long kick that goes out on the full by Team 1. Team 2 take a QTI behind the 22m (rather than accept the...
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    Nice weather this weekend...

    Was a really pleasant weekend reffing... Teams were nice, and losing team were really happy with me (makes a change)
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    Sco v Wal - penalty count!

    Of course the jumper doesn't have to take any action to protect themselves, or prevent harm to those dumb enough to remain on the ground.... :sarc: Personally I think (but appreciate it isn't in law, or reffed as such) the jumper has to have exercised a duty of care to themselves, and to...
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    Wales - England: Garces

    Interesting one for me: Few areas I thought odd, that are not mentioned in other threads: Yellow Card: Garces gives the YC for (I assume) not rolling away (Although I seen people say it was deliberate knock on). No problem here.... But then he goes to the TMO to see if a try had been scored...
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    European Champions Cup

    So - almost through the pool stages, and I think we are seeing some effects of the changes. 12 teams still in the hunt for places, and only 1 qualified. Of those 12 - 4 French, 6 English, 1 Irish and 1 Scot. So: Is the lack of qualified teams down to the removal of the weaker teams? Is the...
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    quins castres tickets

    Hi Guys Find myself in Richmond tonight. Trying to get tickets to the quins game (need 4) Anyone have any advice? Cheers FF
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    Where are you this weekend? 2014/15

    Was glad of the "no guns" sign at the stadium last weekend. But still managed a home win!
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    Scrum issue/decision

    Had this happen a couple of times. Deliberately only going to give a final position - how they got there is for you to imagine (and part of the process I want to understand) Team A against Team B. Team A tighthead (#3) against Team B loosehead (#1). Scrum ends up with #3 still engaged (head...
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    The view from my office.........

    This is from my office
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    Not competing and then sacking

    Ball Carrier is inside the 15m line, as is the ball. Back lifter is marginal (but still inside (not clear and obvious outside) If the ref said they are beyond the 15m line - he is wrong - the video is pretty clear.
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    "pre-planned" fight

    Okay: Situation for you all: Last game of season. Cup final. 1 Minute left on the clock. Try just scored. Blue winning by 30 odd points. Game been tense, but aside from 1 incident in the first half, not especially violent. Red getting "annoyed" at me - mostly as they are losing. Cards issued...
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    Tied to 1 country? Not any longer.....

    For those who think once you've played for 1 country, you are tied to it, there is a loophole....... So a top player, who is tied to England, is considering changing countries.
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    After historical law. ..

    All (but most likely OB) Am after the 2006/7 version of what us now 5.7e Reason: 5.7e seems to say the ball is not dead at a Penalty, but the ruling 2-2007 makes it clear the ball is dead at a penalty. So want to see if 5.7e has changed since the ruling, and so might overrule the ruling. Views?
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    FIRA-AER changes name

    For anyone that cares: FIRA-AER has been renamed as "rugby europe"
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    Man Off rulings

    I've searched on this site, and also on the IRB site. Not surprised I find nothing on the IRB site, but thought I should have found it here. Any link to the official IRB (not RFU, or ARU, or....) ruling on the "man off" issue? Cheers FF
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    Law trial results/ changes

    Full document here:
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    Law trial results/ changes

    For those that haven't seen it: (colouring missing: Approved are items: 1-5, 7&8 (first 7 and 8 on the list!), 9-18, 20-27 & 29. Deferred to interim meeting: 6, 8 (2nd 8), approved at special meeting: 7 (2nd 7), 19 & 28) Law Outcomes - Council – May 2014 Item Law Law Description...