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    [Scrum] How difficult is it to detect Front Rows and angles?

    More and more TV coverage is giving us armchair pundits overhead views of scrums which make a mockery of having packs pushing straight and square. While I understand the difficulty of not being able to watch everything, all the time, I am also interested in hearing from experience just how hard...
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    Headlock in maul

    I'm interested in views regarding this incident. https://assets.stuff...8-neck grab.mp4 Personally I think this was an incredibly dangerous act that could have ended up in serious injury. Others have downplayed it somewhat. I won't discuss too much at this point to not colour views but the...
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    TMO call made 'in realtime'?

    A few folk perplexed on Friday night regarding a TMO call on the Blues v Highlanders Super rugby game. Now I may be unaware of some new direction or protocol given to the TMO to work with or maybe this was simply poor communication but it went something like this. Yellow on attack with a...
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    Super Rugby Final - the 'contentious' try

    Not really surprised that there is little discussion here on this as to my eye it would have been very parsimonious of the TMO not to have awarded this on the balance of probabilities. What I do find interesting is the possibility of a PT due to the defender attempting to kick the ball out of...
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    Memo and Clampdown on grasping the head

    About time.. (from SA Referees)
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    AR's and lineouts

    Given that all teams will try and push the offside line with line speed such an important part of defensive systems nowadays and the difficulties for the referee to watch the lineout and both teams 10 meters back (especially after the ball has been thrown but the lineout isn't over) are there...
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    Is Cheika on thin ice as Wallabies coach

    There is a story in the NZ Herald this morning ( ) that Waratahs and Wallabies coach Cheika entered the referees room at half time during the Tahs/ Blues game the weekend before last. For those that don't know, Cheika has...
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    Law Clarification 1- 2015 (Time Keeping)

    World Rugby has sent out a clarification of Law 5 by the designated members of its Rugby Committee. Such a clarification is not (yet) law but has the force of law. The match which led to the clarification was played between Scotland and Wales at Murrayfield on Sunday, 15 February 2015. Scotland...
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    SANZAR Judiciary still an enigma

    I'll steal an article from Kaplan's Rate the Ref site to explain this as it is a fairly reasonable summary of events. The only bit I think that the writer missed was that Triggs actually had his nose broken by an elbow to the face from Vermuelen before he threw his punches (as retaliation from...
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    England v NZ

    You are neglecting the fact that taking the scrum was a choice made by the attacking team. They saw the scrum as their best chance despite the time situation. Your proposal would also mean that the same would have to be done for every scrum from a penalty and every lineout. Making decisions in...
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    NZ v Argentina : A question

    Hi all, I hope you don't mind me butting into your forums to hopefully tap into your combined knowledge, but I have a question regarding a ruling made twice by Craig Joubert in the AB/ARG test. Joubert penalised McCaw (and later an Argentinian player) for 'swinging around the ruck', an...