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    Quick tap, defenders have not retreated 10m.

    I have a question ,if a team get a penalty and they take a quick tap legally and they get a new penalty for not retreating before taking part in the game , then they tap quickly again legally as per law book, when does the referee slow this down ,is the refere obliged to slow the penalty or can...
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    5m scrum,22 Drop out and who's scrum.

    I like this but can we find this in the law book ,thank you.
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    5m scrum,22 Drop out and who's scrum.

    If you say who's scrum where in the law book is this stated. We still do not have goal line drop out.
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    [In-goal] Carried back

    Red team kick ball towards goal line, defender catches ball as it crossed the goal line in the air, the defenders feet are in the field they dive with ball over goal line and touch down. 5m scrum or 22 drop out.
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    [Law] Kick-off not reaching 10m Line.

    I have a question on Kick-off, Team A kick-off , ball does not travel 10m but is blown back into team A's side of the field ball bounces in field and then goes into touch on the kickers 22m . I can find the law regarding not going 10m and blown into in goal and the 5m scrum will be the...
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    [Line out] Help with this law ?

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    [Law] Partial charge down - offsides .

    Just checking if correct : Red kick in general play with teammates just in front of kicker, blue player charge down but is only knocked up and behind the charging player, red player who were slightly ahead of kicker now catch the ball and run and score, referee awards red the try. My question...
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    [7's/10's] world rugby Technical video on tackle/ruck !!!

    Is there a link to world rugby technical video on the new laws for 7's. I am not sure if the new laws are in place for 7's yet, I need it for training for Dubai 7's. any help will be appreciated, the tackle ruck.
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    [Tackle] Entry in a tackle !!!

    I just need clarity please, Red 12 has the ball, Blue 12 tackles the ball carrier they both go to ground. Blue 13 and Red 13 are coming in from red's side of the tackle, red 12 on the ground pops the ball up for red 13 but blue 13 receives the ball within the one meter radius of the tackle.I now...
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    Fitness test !!!

    I just wondered which fitness test are your unions doing, beep test or YoYo plus 10m and 40 m sprint. I still think yoyo is more sport specific. If you do not pass your fitness how strict are the unions on your grading,do they still let you ref, with the shortage of referees it seems the...
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    [Maul] Knees on the ground !!!

    I am now slightly confused, when a maul was formed no matter if the ball carrier went to ground the other players had no obligation to release the ball or the ball carrier, so if a referee calls maul how can he then ask for the other players to release the ball carrier. This tendency has started...
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    [Law] Weekly whistle Here is a clip once a week which ask what was the penalty for.
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    [Law] Penalty best position !

    I have a question and hopefully I can explain it without the video, White have a Line-out and start a Maul, green decide to collapse the maul-- referee calls penalty advantage. Play continues across the field on the 22m line which is where the original penalty occurred 5m from touch, another...
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    [Law] Law Exam !

    Team A is awarded a free kick. They opt for a scrum and win the ball. The ball is quickly passed to A10 who drop kicks the ball through the posts and above the cross bar and the ball then is caught by player B15 in his own in- goal area and runs un-opposed and scores a try under Team A’s goal...
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    [Law] Ball bounces off team mates head !!!

    The ball is passed from the 10 to 12, 12 is not looking, ball bounces off 12's head and the 10 receives the ball back, I guess no knock-on but is 10 not off-side. The ball only hits the 12 on the head, no body else involved and does not bounce off the ground. Referee says "No Knock-on off the head".
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    Keeping fit during rugby season !

    Just a question, keeping fit during season do you just do games and hope that it is enough or do you exercise on your off days. Why I ask is that we have pre-season training which is to get fit to pass the yoyo or beep and condition the referee, once the season starts we cut back and they start...
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    Defender held up but is driven immediatly out of in-goal !

    Blue defending , Blue have put-in at 5m scrum, blue win the ball and the scrum half fumbles backwards with the pass into the in goal which is picked up by blue defender who is caught by a white player in the in goal but blue is immediately helped and a sort of maul immediately begins moving(I...
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    Open hand hand-off ?

    May a player hand-off a player in the face . I am not talking about a slap in the face but a genuine hand-off, legal or not, (I can understand that the hand must be flat and not gouging out eyes).