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    Wales v Australia: final try

    Forum members will be expecting international level refs to apply the same laws as us next. What’s the world coming to?:)
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    Nothing audible on the tv from WB re ‘over’. It did get me thinking. In my serious playing days that amount of territorial gain would easily be considered an advantage but nowadays even much lower level teams have a kicker that can slot the ball over the posts from the halfway line without wind...
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    Wales v Australia: final try

    I accept what people are saying about two wrongs etc and expecting defenders to react. Unfortunately if you review the whole incident before the ball came in you will see that the first person offside was the Australian receiver. Try to stop the game clock at 77.30.
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    Wales v Australia: final try

    The Australian receiver looks to be outside the fifteen as well.
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    Maul - BC Knees Go to Ground

    He wasn’t playing! So needs to be banned for entering the pitch without permission!:)
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    Playing the ball on the floor.

    Is that why the ref went back for the U knock-on Because he saw the illegality of it?
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    Options from a knock on

    Both of these will be corrected! Forward pass into touch should be a choice (was missed in 18 simplification and not put back in) Sanction for 11.2 will also show in 11.1 - prob sooner on website than the FW pass issue) when I've completed some tech work. The above was posted on this site on...
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    How to stop a maul without a card

    I could add being accidentally knocked into an offside position by an arriving teammate. Who deserves the card? First offence in game.
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    Options from a knock on

    It was correct. It was overtly written into the laws prior to 2018. It was left out by error in the simplification. If you read all my posts on this matter you will find that I was chasing this up with WR and recently the WR laws officer announced on this forum that it was going to be addressed...
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    Line-out, yes or no?

    The answer is that the lineout or scrum is in the half that initially wins the ball. (Thereby available for 50/22.)
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    Line-out, yes or no?

    The 22 is quite easy. As you say if the line is up the middle then it is in, but the half way line is a problem. Which half is it in?
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    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    Post #34 in the thread about tackle height.
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    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    I should have said #34 in the other thread.
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    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    It’s in the link I posted earlier in the thread. Hence my comment about ‘subtle differences’.
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    Where are you this weekend - 2023/24?

    You would be able to prise the ball by exerting vertical or downward force as opposed to ‘through’ force?
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    RFU law variations approved to lower tackle height There are a few subtle differences in interpretation.
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    RWC RC counter

    Something tells me you weren’t taking the question seriously.:)
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    The ball hit by a tent or tree outside the field.

    :love::cool:(y)(n):devilish::geek::mad::eek::unsure: I think I can access them.
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    Gloucester v Saracens

    I find it interesting that it is often said (by OB… and others) that the laws are not written as a legal document because the law books would consist of several tomes if they were. But it seems to me the disciplinary process is conducted as if they were, with defence lawyers allowed to pick...
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    RC issued in the bunker Provides a bit more detail I think.