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    [Law] When does a replacement for an injury (not blood/concussion) become permanent?

    Is there any rule-of-thumb for how long a player who is being treated on the sidelines for an injury not involving bleeding or an apparent concussion can stay off before his replacement becomes permanent? Or can s/he return at any time? In a match between two university sides yesterday I had a...
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    [In-goal] Ball lost backwards across dead ball line

    Learned colleagues, was the decision to award a 5-metre scrum to Team A in the following instances correct? a. Team A hoofs the ball into Team B's in-goal, where a scrambling Team B player tries to catch it. The ball slips backwards through his hands, hits the ground, and rolls across his...
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    2016 Laws Omit 16 Paragraphs from Law 3.5?

    The 2016 edition of the Laws of the Game omits 16 paragraphs (e to t) from Law 3.5 that are present in the 2015 edition (see image below). Are these omissions intentional, or a printing gremlin? They seem to be deliberate, as the same paragraphs are also omitted from the online version of...
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    [Line out] When is Quick Throw-In No Longer Possible?

    When is a lineout deemed to have formed, so that a quick throw-in is no longer possible? And where are the offside lines at a quick throw-in? These questions bothered me in a recent match where I allowed Red to throw in quickly every time that they would have been awarded a lineout. Red did...
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    [Maul] Correct decision when a maul/ruck wheels

    During a recent match the Blue team took the ball into a maul, which gradually swung around so that most players involved were now facing their opponents' side of the field. Blue was still moving the maul towards the Red team's goal line. Blue's captain (also a referee) urged me to award a...