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    Veo Camera's popping up everywhere!

    As I understand it Veo good for coaching but does not allow sound so has it limitations for refereeing improvement.
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    [Law] Ball hits the spider cam

    Is this not the same as the ball hitting an overhanging tree branch? The ball has touched something outside the FoP, therefore is in touch hence a line out?
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    When Is the ball in touch?

    Can anyone direct me a simple explanation of when the ball is in touch? Especially when players are close to the touch-line.
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    Jumping for the ball

    Possible solution. Players must be on the ground when catching the ball (unless a line-out). Comments welcome.
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    [Law] Discussion with other sports re officiating/laws

    I am currently sitting watching Leicester City play Arsenal. Play was stopped for a VAR (TMO) review, but I noticed that unlike Rugby the clock continues running.My question is, do the law makers in one sport have meetings/discussions with other sports to discuss problems and laws? I feel the...
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    [Tackle] two matches five reds!

    Have to ask. Watched two premiership match's so far this weekend, and have seen five red cards, (all justified). My question is , when will players learn, tackle below the waist. Given it's what all my clubs mini and junior coaches teach, along with run for space not face, it isn't that hard to...
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    Bath Vs Wasps 8.1.21

    Have just watched a recording of last nights game (Friday). At 15.30 (game time) Wasps have an attacking line-out 5Mts out, ball is thrown in, maul formed, and while the referee, Matt Carley, is keeping the defence back two attackers No's 12 and 14 join the maul. Additional weight helps the...
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    Pulling a player from the ruck/tackle

    Guys, Some help please. Watching a game on Saturday one side, when defending a ruck after a tackle, would pull the attacking players from the ruck towards the defence's try line ie. through the ruck, to try (I think) and create space for a counter ruck. I was asked after the game by my clubs...
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    When is the ball out?

    Guys, My club have decided to have a small groupie of competent TJ's for the coming season. As an ex-referee I have been asked by the club to offer advice as to when the ball is out (over the touchline). I seem to remember a document from, I think Australia, that covered this does anyone have...
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    Put in to the scrum

    A friend from the Midlands phoned me to ask about this. For some reason best known to himself his teams scrum half decided to put the ball into a scrum on the tight head side. The referee insisted he do this for the rest of the game. Having read the law I believe it only applies to the scrum in...
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    Charge down goes dead.

    Apologies if this has been raised before but I cannot find any answers here or on World rugby web-site. Situation in a game yesterday. 5 mt line out, won by defence and scrum half passes to number 10 deep in in-goal. !0 kicks but the ball is changed down by an attacking player in goal and goes...
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    Yellow card to replacement

    I am lead to believe the following happened at a national league game this weekend. I have been asked to get an opinion on it. Situation - Red score a try (no problem) Red replacements walking to warm up in in-goal are at side of pitch and rush on to congratulate scorer. Green player takes...
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    England Vs Georgia scrum training session

    Guys, A question. I have just watched the tape on the England Rugby web site about the training session with Georgia yesterday (Wednesday). At the start an active scrum is shown, the England No 8 (Hughes I think) starts with a conventional bind then during the scrum switch to a crutch bind. My...
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    Deliberate knock ons

    I have just watched the Leicester Tigers game and seen Jonny may sent off for two yellow cards, both for deliberate Knock On's, in both cases the ball hit his arm, no forward motion by his arm. My question if a player is standing with his arms out to block the path of a pass, his arms don't move...
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    Rugby World Cup 2023

    I notice that there are three "applicants" for the 2023 World Cup. France, South Africa and Ireland. Although the infrastructure, stadium sizes, transport links etc may be better in France and South Africa may be better the thought of a five week party in Ireland must be the best bet. Any comments?
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    Player in the air

    Having watched a number of games since World Rugby's edict about tackling players in the air etc I would like to make a suggestion for a law change. Players in open play players jump to catch a ball, when they catch a ball they must have one foot on the ground. Reasoning; this removes the...
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    Top Gear

    Bring back Clarkson et al!!
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    Bulls vs Sharks

    Just out this on the TV (60 mins into game) and I notice, the reds team (assume the sharks) have no numbers on there shirts. Anyone know why
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    Charging the conversion from a penalty try

    Fellow Referees please help. After watching my clubs first team yesterday (level 7) I overheard a conversation between the referee, who in my opinion refereed very well, and his assessor/mentor/coach. The referee had awarded a penalty try for a high tackle on the winger, no problem, yellow card...
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    League points deductions

    Not sure if this the right place but a friend asked me for some advise and I need help! The situation a third game at his club was abandoned due to "a 30 man punch up". His question is can the first team be deducted league points as a result of the actions of another team in the club?