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    Scotland v Wales - Lee Byrne

    Both incidents in the first half of the Scotland v Wales fixture involving Lee Byrne. First the Lee Byrne leap and catch in which Hugo Southwell got injured. I think most of us would be in agreement that Mr Southwell was lucky not to get a YC for taking the player out in the air, however does...
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    Cardiff Blues v. Ospreys

    Did anyone see the Blues v Ospreys game? Point to discuss - which in my opinion the ref got absolutely correct (Nigel Owens in the middle). Scrums problematic throughout the game. Ospreys the dominant scrum, although Blues managing to win their own ball. Nigel pulled both front rows aside...
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    Guys, what is the official line with wearing sillicone powerbands during a match? I seem to remember being told that you couldn't wear the plastic charity bands during a game (a la livestrong, H4H etc). A number of these new powerbands appeared in the Autumn Internationals as below
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    Wales v Fiji scrumtime, 5m out from Fiji line

    Can anyone give a better reason as to why it took 7 scrum resets when Wales were on the Fiji 5m line, other than that the Ref Jorge Garcia (excuse my spelling) didn't really what the hell was going on in the front row? From the view of the TV camera, it was clear and obvious that the first 3 of...
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    Scarlets v Ospreys

    Who else thinks it is unfair to have a Welsh referee from West Wales refereeing a West Wales derby between Scarlets and Ospreys in the Magners League? This just wouldn't happen in the H Cup, nor would we allow a Welshman to referee Wales v. England (more's the pity :wink: ). Nigel Owens...
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    Protein - good or bad?

    Advice please. A number of people that I've spoken with regards training have suggested taking protein after matches and workouts to assist in muscle recovery. I've also heard that if the protein isn't used it can put on weight which to be honest I could really do without. The only time I have...
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    South Africa coach hints at refereeing 'conspiracy' Can you imagine a coach in the "Aviva" Premiership coming out with comments like this about referee's? Does Peter De Villers not realise that he is in an influential position whereby people actually listen to what he has to say?:norc...