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    Ground Control to Major Tom

    I was just in Montreal for the weekend accompanying She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed on a junket for meetings among all the International Space Station (ISS) Partners. We arrived ahead of time so that I could show her the sights and sounds of La Belle Province, my alma mater, and all the culinary...
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    Clermont v Munster

    Pourquoi est-ce que les Clermontois vont jouez le demi-finale a Montpelier? Le stade Marcel Michelin a un capacite de 18,000. Est-ce que c'est insuffisant pour un demi finale? (Montpelier = 32,000). Montpelier est 3 heures de trajet par voiture, mais le ville de Lyon est plus proche...
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    SWS Appointments -

    I nearly spat out my breakfast when I read this. Ahhh No. It's Merit based. This isnt some popularity contest where the girls with the biggest tits wins. That being said Marius looks like Val Kilmer so maybe the South Stand fans voted instead!
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    V4B Default View Missing

    What happened to the V4B view? It was blue, it worked, I liked it. I'm all for Akuma sponsorship, but is there any way to be able to get back the default view while keeping the Akuma bar at the top?
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    Here comes the BOOM

    Here comes the BOOM. The reason I was "late" into in goal was that I was ensuring the Canterbury player got up after he got smashed. He was OK!
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    Richard Cockeril's view.l

    Had a look at the scrums in this game. My views are attached. There were a couple decisions that I thought would have merited the option call to reset as the safer view. It wasnt always easy due to TV angles either. Furthermore, some discussion with AR input would be interesting...
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    I'll be in NZ in Early-Mid January, eventually winding up in Queenstown. Trying to sort out, assuming I'm in the country no more than a week, of what to do on the South Island (given the short time frame, a north/south split is unlikely and would mean most of my time would be spent in...
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    Black Armbands - Australia v South Africa

    Without any spoilers, as I'm only 25 mins into the game: Nigel Owens is wearing a black armband The South African players are all wearing blank armbands The Australians are not Without any reference to the old Justice 4 stuff from the Lions campaign, what are these folks trying to honour /...
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    Lady Gaga at HQ

    I wonder if clubs and societies can get tickets to Lady Gaga at HQ via the ticket allocation? In fairness, it will probably be more entertaining than the November tests!
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    Dangerous Tackles - USA v Italy (aka Here comes the BOOM!)

    I admit that I left after 40 minutes. I live close to the stadium, so I walked home. The 1st half was dour. I may have also been "rugbied-out" from the Oz v Wales game, but in any case: Here's a good video illustrating WHY it's so important to wrap opponents in a tackle. Kudos to Jerome...
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    A mid-season off-season

    So if you feel like your leg is numb and weak, get it checked out. Turns out my "weak hamstring" is actually a "herniated disc with disc fragments along my spine as well as a disc protrusion". Who gets to see the surgeon on Tuesday? THIS guy! Woohoo! :pepper: Seriously though, going from...
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    90-Degree Turnover: New Scrum or Same Scrum?

    The below-quoted text can be found on the SA Refs Duty Ref Area. One for the designated members, perhaps? The above bolded text is NOT how I would expect it to be refereed, so I'm wondering if this is in fact a new application of law, or whether I'm simply old hat. KML, this could be your...
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    Offside under 10m Law - Where is the place for the PK?

    No "Offside" forum, so putting this here. A good day in London, but an awarding of a PK piqued my curiosity about how the law is applied. Law 11.4: Sanction: When a player is penalised for being offside in general play, the opposing team chooses either a penalty kick at the place of...
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    Pre Match Plan & Post Match Report?

    Here we go. 1. Generic Action Plan 2. Generic Stats and Match Analysis (Tab 1) and Scrums Analysis (Tab 2) 3. Generic Self Review with Referee Coach using IRB template 4. Generic AR Action Plan (Not just for referees!) 5. Generic 7s Self Review using IRB template 6. Combined PDF of my...
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    Judicial Hearing coming up? Need some Legal Counsel?

    Do you or one of your club players have an upcoming Judicial Hearing? Do you need legal counsel? Look no further than the same team that represents Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Have a read of this article here, and watch that 10 week ban get reduced to time-served: One of Strauss-Kahn's lawyers...
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    Deleted Posts in "Recommendations" Thread

    I thought Robert was deleting them by accident, so I undeleted a couple, then realized it was probably on purpose so re-deleted them. My bad. That being said, why the removals? It was kinda nice to see ol' chopper dig himself a fat hole. It's also nice to see the last posts are about Cocaine...
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    Quick Throws and Sin Bin Returns

    A recent discipline decision report prompted me to look at an interesting management issue with regards to quick throw-ins and players returning from the sin bin. How would you manage the following: 1. A player is in the sin bin, but his time is about to expire. During the next phase of...
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    Heineken Cup Quarter Finals

    Given the post-RWC season is typically spent not watching ERC rugby, I was amused to see that there's a lack of English clubs (Saracens) that made it to the final QF round of the Heineken Cup, but that they featured prominently in the Amlin Challenge Cup (the younger, uglier unglamourous sister...
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    Article: Tips to get the most out of your refereeing

    You can view the page at
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    Stuart Dickinson Tribute Video

    A great job by the NSWRRA for putting this one together. Not sure about the music though... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>