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    Legal diving over the ruck?

    I see there may be an issue with the youtube clip. Scenario: LaR atracking maul on the Perpignan goal-line. LaR player sees the Perpignan defenders pan out either side to defend the next phase, picks up the ball and dives over the ruck into the in-goal and grounds the ball. Thoughts entering...
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    Legal diving over the ruck?

    From 2:27 on this clip. Any thoughts on this airborn try?
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    Wales v Australia: final try

    I just got round to watching the highligts of the Wales v Australia game. I saw something with Wales's 3rd try that made me stroke my chin. At the lineout, the furthest pod step over the 15m line and set up there to lift the catcher before the ball is thrown. Isn't this barred by law 18.38...
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    CLE v ULS - Tip Tackle

    Even as an Ulster fan, I didn't think it was red. Too much mitigation by the 2nd tackler whose actions weren't ticking all the tip-tackle boxes, white 4 can consider himself lucky his team-mate got involved. I wonder if a complaint was made to the citing officer about the alleged eye gouge...
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    Wales v AllBlacks

    An interesting situation just before half time with a double tackle on Moriarty that led to his injury. It seems that the TMO and both ARs were trying to indicate to the ref that yellow wasn't the correct sanction. I agree, especially the action of black #3 was worthy of red with not enough...
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    Championship - no citing?

    Just saw this one doing the rounds. Apparently zero punishment for this tackle by Owen Farrell. Your thoughts??
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    [Law] Pushing a ball carrier

    So I just got a call from a buddy who refs underage rugby with another of his periodic questions arising from his game... Ball carrier running near the touchline is pushed into touch by an opponent. Now we know this is allowed, so I said I'd send him a screen shot of the relevant part of the...
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    Hearings & mitigation

    Can anyone help me here? My understanding was that if you contest a charge at your citing hearing but are found guilty nonetheless, you cannot receive mitigation? Or is it that accepting the charge gives extra mitigation? Case in point would be Tuilagi's hearing yesterday.
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    [Tackle] Open play, non-maul

    So in my game Saturday: Open play, Red pass to a big second row in the middle of the pitch, and he's immediately joined by 3 teammates in a would-be maul formation. Ball at the front in the hands of the second row. Blue decide to not make any contact at all, Red trundle on 10m or so. Blue 10...
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    Samoa v USA I hope this .gif works In the second round of the Pacific Nations cup, this...
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    Samoa v Tonga

    We've probably all seen pictures from the game. Would you have allowed the game to go ahead if it was your call? Do you think pressure was applied since the schedule of the Pacific Nations Cup was tight?
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    IRE v FRA: to card or not to card?

    It was an eventful game alright, so I'd like to put another discussion point on yesterday's game out there. I don't have a time on the game, it was near the end of the first half, but I think with my description you won't need highlights if you didn't see the game. France had been killing...
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    Ireland v AllBlacks #2

    Ok this time without the silly accusations of bias so we can discuss a couple of things. I thought Mr Barnes was lenient towards the AllBlacks in the first half, his warning could have come earlier in my humble one and the 2 incidents previously mentioned - high tackle on Stander and cynical...
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    [INTERNATIONAL] Ireland v South Africa

    I guess someone has to start the ball rolling so here goes: Whose decision was it to allow Ireland to play in a shirt almost the same colour as South Africa's on a dark November evening in Dublin?
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    European Rugby discipline hearings

    I need some help, I'm totally confused here. It concerns 2 incidents from the same match, Wasps v Harlequins. Wasps no.8 Nathan Hughes was cited for a dangerous tackle on the quins no.10 and Harlequins flanker Dave Ward was cited for a headbut. Dave Ward pleaded not guilty, the committee...
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    NZ v Australia

    I'll admit that I turned off with about 10 mins to go (visitors too early, damnit) but I was wondering about the thoughts on the game. I thought Mr Barnes had an absolutely cracking game.
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    Super Rugby final - red card From 01:30 on the clip, red card for the Lions. Your thoughts? No doubt for me, red all day. Just prior to that, thought there was a suspicion of a foward offload leading up to the 2nd Crusaders try :-)
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    Scotland v Samoa

    What a game! Enjoyment from start to finish. Something that stuck out for me: Samoa shipped 8 penalties in the first 15 minutes of the second half yet... not even a quick word with the captain, never mind an official warning. Your thoughts?
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    [RWC] France v Romania

    Guitone's second try. He's tackled just short of the try line, the ball is grounded just short and then he lifts the ball from the ground and dots it down just on/over the try line. He makes no body movement at all, purely an arm stretch, and there is no natural body momentum either. Try is...
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    Oh dear Kind of surreal reading.