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    Rugby Laws to become Clearer Even without seeing it yet, all I have to say is, "Finally!" I am going to be optimistic that the large majority of issues and questions we have toiled over on this forum will be resolved, and we won't have to debate the minutia of...
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    Straight up thuggery

    Caught this over at RD. What could possibly warrant this thuggery?! Looks like he might get some jail time. I know that if this happened on a team I played for, the offender would have a tough time making it off the pitch.
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    How is this not a YC or RC?

    Apparently from an Oxford 3rds game. The ref doesn't even flinch
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    [Ruck] Game Flow / Mental Clarity

    I don't know about everyone else, but there are a few situations that sometimes muddy things up and get me off my game. I was wondering how others deal with the following scenario. It usually happens around the 60 min mark, as teams(and myself) are getting fatigued, both mentally and...
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    Alternate way of looking at Yellow Cards

    I played and was involved in rugby before the time of the yellow card and the sin bin. As a referee now, my impression is that we are reluctant to give out a YC as it can change the course of the game and we don't want to be putting our stamp on the game. I've recently started looking at YCs...
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    Captain chooses YC'd player

    I had just reffed the 2nd side game and agreed to stick around to TJ/AR the 1st side game. I wasn't officially appointed to the game, but seeing as I was going to stick around to watch at least the first half I volunteered to run touch on the far side of the field. About 30 mins into the half...
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    France v Australia: Kuridrani's try

    I suggest everyone install "Frame by Frame for Youtube". It lets you advance video forward and back in finer slices than youtube's default 5 seconds or so. After looking at it frame by frame, it definitely looks like the pole was touched by the top of the ball a few frames before the bottom...
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    Had this experience in a game and was looking for some feedback. Women's game - Blue vs White. The White pack was more dominant and had a bigger and more powerful 2nd and back row. The front rows were equally strong. After calling a scrum and going through the cadence I looked at the shoulder...
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    Last Play of the Game

    Very competitive high school senior game, Blue vs White. The score is 28-24 for White. White is penalized for side entry into the ruck, inside the Blue 22. Blue asks for the time and after a quick look at the watch I see it is less than a minute left and say "Less than a minute". The actual...
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    Open hand hand-off ?

    I'm actually not encouraging a bent or a straight arm in the fend off. I am just making a distinction between what I would view as a strike vs a fend off. How is having a straight arm in a fend off dangerous and or bad technique?! Here are a few examples of a straight armed fend off:
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    Makes me shake my head...

    Had this in today's game and I could only shake my head and laugh. Very competitive game with several know-it-alls on both teams, so I had to keep my wits about me. Blue scores a try just inside the left upright, and #10 lines up for the conversion. He places the tee and begins to set the...
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    Reds vs Rebels Controversial Red Card

    If anyone caught the Reds v Rebels game this weekend you would have seen a controversial red card. At approximately 78 minutes with the game tied at 27 all, a ruck forms deep in the Reds half. The ball is recycled by the Rebels and a few phases ensue. In the background there is a scuffle...
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    A bit of a funny one

    This happened just yesterday at highschool 7s tournament here in Canada. I was reffing a game between red and green. Red kicks off from a restart and sends it into the green in goal area. Green player picks it up and for a moment looks like he is going to run it out, but as red chasers arrive...
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    Fulltime Yellow Card

    Had this happen to me at my game this weekend and curious as to what my options were. After a close, but clean game, which I thought I refereed quite evenly and with no major issues - Red wins over Blue 16-12. As the teams are tunneling up and I pass Blue 13 he says "You are the worst ****ing...
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    How deep do you let the scrum half dig?

    I know there won't be a definite answer but I wanted to get an idea of how others would deal with this situation. Blue vs Red, ball is loose on the ground, two players from each team make contact over the ball and a ruck forms. Several other players from each team join the ruck and the ball is...
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    How quickly must the ball be grounded to be not held up?

    Let me preface this by saying I was confident and sure of the call I made in my game today but would like some feedback. U16 game Blue is leading White 12-7. Blue had just scored and converted and there was 30 seconds left on the clock(enough time for a restart). White kicks off and gathers...
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    Advantage in the defending 22

    Had this happen in a club game on the weekend and ended up in a debate after the game. Red is on attack inside the Blue 22 when Red #13 knocks on. I play advantage and Blue # 9 picks up the ball runs a few meters to the side and back and then kicks it into touch a good distance away. Advantage...
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    Is it a maul or a tackle that hasn't been completed yet?

    Had this happen in a U18 game today. Coming out of a ruck Red 5 picks and goes. Red 6 is bound onto his teammate in the hammer position. As Red 5 makes contact with Blue 7, the two Red players drive on. Blue 7 tackles Red 5 and brings him to ground. This all happens in essentially one...
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    Quick Penalty before Yellow Card

    Imagine this situation: Red team pressuring the Blue team's line. Several phases of play and then about 5m out Blue high tackles Red ball carrier, that warrants a YC. Referee blows for a penalty and before he can reach for the YC, Red scrum half takes a quick penalty tap and dives over and...
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    Marius Jonker retires

    I'm sure some of you have read that SA referee Marius Jonker has retired from international duty. It seems one of his major concerns was the travel and time away from his family. From the article his last four...