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    Referee Kit Auction for Charity

    Hi Phil, The Aviva Premiership, Heineken Cup and Amlin Challenge Cup shirts are all large. The iRB RBS Six Nations jersey is small, as are the Women's World Cup 2014 (one-offs) shirts. Black iRB Women's World Cup shorts come with the shirt and are 32. Hope that works! Wert PS If someone...
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    Referee Kit Auction for Charity

    Hi Folks, Wert Twacky from Zummerzet on a blatant scrounge for publicity for a very worthy cause! Please vist this page on Facebook:!/refereekitauctionforcharity Or search Referee Kit Auction for Charity. All the...
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    IRB/Prem/Euro Referee Jerseys for auction

    Just looking to gauge interest... Would people be prepared to bid (all for a cancer charity) for three referee jerseys from this year's: * RBS Six Nations * Heineken Cup * Aviva Premiership All three would come as one package - highest bid wins and all money would go to a cancer charity .
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    Joel Jutge at the top

    Congratulations Monsieur Jutge, IRB refs top job :france: Wonder if Bryce went for the job :pepper:
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    A lesson for us all...

    ... old school refereeing at its best! John Holdsworth's referee masterclass! ENjoy!:biggrin:
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    Password issues

    It's still going, and trialling some experimental laws yes. Robert - it's still Wert Twacky from Zumerzet, but i had a few password issues... zider, and laptops don't mix!
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    Who will be dropped?

    So, after the pool stages four of the referees at RWC will ref no more... Who's your bet to get the chop? My four, so far, are: Owens, Lawrence, Clancy and Pearson. Quarters, semis and final: Barnes, Poite, Rolland, Joubert, Walsh, Kaplan. One of these will do two games, a quarter and the...
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    Premiership debut for...

    ...Luke Pearce, this Saturday - Glawwster v Wuss. Bloody well deserved IMHO. AT 23 years of age a fantastic achievement (even if Devon blood does flow in his young veins!) :clap::clap::clap:
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    Romain Poite

    On his Heineken Cup performance, would not be at all surprised if 'zis fella - providing he maintains that level - is in the shout for a semi or even final, providing Les Blues aren't involved. Top performance in a cracking match.
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    What to do when you forget...

    ... your box of tricks which contains your cards, coins, etc. Arrived at a uni game yesterday and remembered that I'd left my lil' box-o-tricks in the spare room, and in it my cards. Me thinks that there's a strong possibility I may need at least one colour card for this match, so I quickly go...
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    BCM666 on Mastermind

    Tis true.... BBC 1 right now. I'm bustin' to know what his specialised subject will be! I wonder.....:wink: ...................................................... ...................................................... Genesis!
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    Worst High Tackle Ever?

    Worst High Tackle Ever? Haven't seen one quite like this before! :norc:
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    RugbyRefs at Nations Cup

    Brian Artichoke mentioned here Go Canada! :D
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    English referees move up to the Elite panel

    Did you hear the one about the scouser, a Devonian and a Welshman.. ? Great news for referee pathways read here Well done lads!
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    One of our own on the telly!

    There I was, watching Craig What's-his-Face on ITV-thingy's Guinness Premiership round-up show and there in the background officiating a game was indeed one of the contributors! :bday: So, guess who... and did anyone else spot him?
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    Why we must invade Iran...

    What ever is the world coming to.... :p "Dog injures nose" shocker
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    Super-14: ref's post match

    Anyone else see today's S14 show? Jonathan Kaplan was interviewed post match about his decision to award a try in the Canes v Crusaders 26-26 draw. The Canes were winning 26-21 as the clock ticked down and, after a series of pick and drives on the Canes' line, a Crusdaders player appears to...
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    Digestive biscuits...

    ... really phish me off. And why? Because every time I open a new packet, you can guarantee the top one is broken, falls out and makes a bloody mess. Never get that with a custard creams.
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    Well done Arciero...

    Congrats Brian... you are one of 12 referees with unpronounceable surnames! :bday: Twelve match officials, including two from Russia, have been named in the match official panel for the IRB Junior World Rugby Trophy 2010 to be held in Moscow from May 18-30. The panel selected for the key...
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    Luke Pearce Nice to see a positive story relating to officiating in the media for a change!