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    [Law] Head scratcher

    Try near the touchline. Kicker has a foot in touch when the other foot contacts the ball. The kick goes over the bar. Will anyone on their right mind disallow the kick? Somehow, like this one:
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    [In-goal] Warming up players in-goal So some blue players were warling up, defending ruck about 10 m from own goal line. SH passes back to the FH... and there is none, but several opposing bench players, one of them under the posts and another a mere meter in-goal. The ball goes dead in goal Your call?
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    [Tackle] Player lifted, legs beyond the horizontal

    So, What will be your call?
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    [In-goal] Your call?

    Scrum 5? PK? PT?
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    [Law] Subbed props rejoining the match

    So, I've seen a trend lately on props leaving the match but coming back at later stages. Apart from the instances where a card had been issued or a player is injured or receiving blood treatment/concussion assessment, I don't understand how it can be possible. If a player is substituted...
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    Connacht-Munster: You can't take the kick until the change is permanent

    2nd half try. Player is out due to concussion assessment. Replacement intends to kick the conversion. Ref denies him to kick because the change is not permanent. Wow. Is it the same in a blood substitution scenario?
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    Stade Toulousain - Saracens

    So, there was this maul which ended unsuccessfully and, I quite frankly don't understand totally AR's decision nor what he says. Why is it Toulouse's ball in the subsequent scrum? Not a direct catch? AR's unsure of who put the ball in the maul nor who had possesion so attacking team's ball?
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    RWC 2003 Referees

    Found the game. Fiji vs Japan:
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    Playing the man without the ball vs obstructing the ball

    As I answered in another topic I remembered an action from a game the other day (Brive-Stade Toulousain). There, Thierry Dusautoir got YC'd for playing the man without the ball. I had no problem with the decision (not even now), but after some re-thinking, I got some doubts about how these two...
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    Georgia vs Canada brawl

    Another sad moment for rugby. :sad:
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    Stade Toulousain - Stade Français

    Bonsoir tlm, je viens de voir ce match et il était bizarre entendre l'arbitre parler en anglais tout le temps. Est-ce qu'il y a explication pour ça? C'est vrai qu'il y a trop joueurs étrangers et anglophones a ces deux équipes mais ça me semblait pas normal.
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    Pictures of illegal scrum bind

    From last round of Top14
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    Returning carded players near halftime or final whistle

    I was just thinking... Imagine a player is YC'd in minute 31. Play continues, minute 40 arrives and a PK is called two minutes after. Team chooses scrum and play stops because a prop is being treated. May the carded player return? What about minutes 71/80/80+2? Imagine a player is YC'd in...
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    Top14 Toulon - Stade Toulousain (pass over the head, TMO) Opinion? I'd say he was wrong according to IRBs video on forward passes (Link if you haven't watched it, relevant part at 1:33). PS: Video not quite good. If I find the replays shown on TV I'll update the post.
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    Alcohol in sportings events in England

    Hi! At this precise moment the Euroleague Final 4 is taking place in London (O2 Arena). That's the top European basketball you can see. I have some friends who travelled to London for the games and are disappointed as no alcohol is being sold inside the arena -they just want to have a beer...
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    Is this legal?

    Saw it in another forum and got me chuckling, but is it legal? :biggrin:
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    Scotland - Ireland

    What about tackling the catcher in the air? I was a bit stunned that WB didn't YC the first tackler and just gave a penalty (and he also talked with the AR), but I was even more stunned with the second one when he PK'd the irish player for not releasing.
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    Top Gear car rugby on Twickenham

    Well, it is understandable that they mightn't adhere to the pass backwards law. Also that it may be quite difficult to drop kick, so they have to place kick... but why in hell do the ARs have to wave their flags on a failed conversion?? Wasn't noone from RFU there to explain it? :biggrin...
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    When does a tackle become a maul?

    Nowadays we can see more teams trying the tactic of creating a maul in open play instead of tackling to gain a scrum and turn the ball over. Thise week I think I even saw England trying it. But it also seems to me, uneducated eye, that the referees tend not to enforce it that much. Or, at...