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    Quick throw, interception, but.....

    Blue kick the ball into touch. Gold get hold of the ball and throw in quickly, ball intercepted by blue who go on unopposed to score. Blue claim the ball had been touched by a non-player before they, blue took a quick throw. I go and check with the relevant (independent) TJ (not AR) who tells me...
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    Not 5 - incredibly

    Level 9 game this weekend. Black have a throw in. The lad throwing in throws but somehow the ball slips over the top of his hand, loops up in the air and drops to the ground 3-4 m from the touchline i.e it's not gone 5m. After we'd all stopped laughing I had to make a decision. I awarded green a...
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    Hartley - will he get us out of a jam?

    The appointment of Hartley as England captain is an utter disgrace and a slap across the face to all of us who contribute to community rugby up and down this land. In my case I referee about 50 matches a year and visit many clubs. Displayed in these clubs is an RFU poster promoting one of the...
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    Scotland vTonga

    Time 63 mins Scotland win the ball in a line out in Tonga 22. Tonga do not engage the resulting 'maul'. Scotland take the ball to the back and start to trundle forwards. Tonga player comes to the back to tackle ball carrier. Comments please. I (like JPD?) hate refereeing this ploy.
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    Wouldn't it be nice if.....

    ...commentators read the Laws of the Game and informed themselves of changes. Today we had Scotland penalised for being offside charging down Tonga in goal. Commentator thinks hands on the ball is out of a ruck.
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    Idiot parent Astonishing!
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    Etre arbitre en France

    Nous avons une maison dans l'Ariège où se trouvent plusieurs clubs de rugby à quinze (ainsi à treize). En visitant la région comment est-ce qu'on peut arbitrer. Quoi faire? Est-ce qui'il y a quelqu'un qui connait bien la structure, les associations qui organisent les abitres dans le grand sud...
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    Italy v Scotland

    So Walsh tells the Scots that they are essentially going off their fert. Agree with him. The Scottish commentator then say "But that's what they are coached to do!" If you are coached to pass forwards, guess what, you are pinged. If you are coached to do X or Y which contravenes the LotG then...
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    France v Italy

    French first try decision is a disgrace. He did place the ball immediately but grovelled along the ground. Another decision that will make next week more difficult for the rest of us. An utter disgrace.
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    I had a very close match yesterday which for 45 mins was fine (HT score 5-7). It then started to heat up. One of the blue players caught a boot to the face which resulted in a bloody injury to an eye. I didn't see it happen. Words with the captains to keep their cool but blue captain looking as...
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    Own team

    Part of my role is as an appointments manager. What do yoy think about the pros and cons ofappointing a ref to cover a match involving his own college side? I think that it can be very good for thrbdevelopment of a young upcoming ref. Over to you.
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    Ye gods and little fishes!

    Refereed an U18 Natwest Cup Vase game this afternoon. Most enjoyable. Blue score and the red captain lets me know that his front row ae complaining that the blue loose head prop is hooking! Now I recall the day when loose heads used to sweep their left foot in after the ball to help the hooker...
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    Your thoughts

    I refereed a very pleasant, open and competitive U18 game this morning. No aggro, everyone behaved and home team won 37-19 scoring 7tries to 3. After the game the home coach was quite happy except for two things. 1) said the a team could not take the second penalty quickly. Put him right on...
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    In the martch I refereed today the grey loose head did not once bind to his opposite tight head. Number of penalties for not binding =zero. Why?
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    2014-15 Scrum calls announced

    This morning Mrs G and I are having a chat whilst drinking our first coffee of the day in bed. The chat turns to the scrum calls for this season. Mrs G tries to recall them. She remembers "Crouch". After a pause she comes up with "Bind". No she's stuck, so I give her a clue. "What do jellies...
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    Rare penalty

    Refereed a really enjoyable game on Saturday between 2 sides out to enjoy themselves. They understood that I was working to prevent penalties and that I would only penalise if I thought the offence was material. The first penalty did not come until 21 mins of the game had elapsed, there were...
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    Red Card

    In more than 30 years of refereeing I gave my first red card this last weekend. I did not feel a happier man for it but all the coaches told me that I did the right thing and that I really had no other option. It occurred in an U16 cup game - an age group I have always enjoyed refereeing and so...
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    I'm having a bit of a war on spitting. Do others find it disgusting? Itell players that others don't want to find themselves rolling about in someone's spit. In 40 years of rugby, squash and running I've never once found the need to spit. If I did I'd just swallow it! What do others think?
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    A warm one!

    CHALLENGE OF THE MATCH A typical start of the season game. Two fairly well matched sides from good clubs but it was hotter than forecast and the ground was very dry. So, as the match wore on, fatigue began to tell – for the players and for Stuart. However wisely he had agreed rolling...
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    Coach in In Goal

    So did I get it right or not? U17 game with reds 12-7 up and attacking near the green line. Green recover the ball and the SH passes it back into in-goal. He thinks it's one of his players but it's not. It's his own side's coach who has encroached into the in-goal area. The ball hits the coach...