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    Playing the ball after a clear out

    Something I've seen enough recently to think it's a change since I hung up my whistle: There is a tackle, player 1, from the team not in possession attempts to jackal, an opponent (player 2) successfully cleans that player out (and both usually end up on the ground), a second player from the...
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    [In-goal] Goal line DO vs Scrum 5

    The new law around the goal line drop out for the ball being held up got me wondering how people are refereeing it. When I was refereeing, I'd want to see the ball being grounded in goal. If I couldn't see the ball I'd almost always go with a scrum five (except on a few occasions when I was...
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    [6N] Jalibert non-try

    I came across this article suggesting a PT should have been awarded when Jalibert didn't score since Slade knocked the ball out of his hands. Is this a law change I've missed or is this article a load of proverbials...
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    [In-goal] No touch down after missed PK

    Watching a game on Saturday afternoon, an interesting thing happened: Blue kick at goal and miss. White fullback catches the ball in in goal and, without minoring it, throws it forwards for the drop out. Nobody notices, drop out is taken and nothing more is said. Until after the game I had a...
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    [INTERNATIONAL] Guirado's disallowed try

    A not-so-commented on incident in the Wales-France game: the French hooker's disallowed try after a stupid pass from his opposite number - called back for no advantage. This has had me thinking: if the Welsh hooker had kicked the ball, it'd have probably been advantage over - a kick under no...
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    Know the tournament laws

    An interesting incident here. Neither the referee or the players knowing what would happen in the event of a draw! So make sure you know the rules of the competition you're reffing. Could have been interesting if the referee had not checked and assumed there was supposed to be extra time...
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    [6N] No Advantage

    A nice illustration of what constitutes advantage from the weekend: Watching the Scotland-Wales game in a pub with several Welshmen. In the second half Scotland had a long penalty advantage (probably over 10 phases, but I wasn't counting) during which time they went forward fully four metres...
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    [Tackle] BC leading with the head

    Question: would an offence of the ball carrier going into a tackle head first be a sensible thing? I'm thinking about the principle here, more than the wording - obviously you wouldn't want to penalise a player driving for the goal line. But a ball carrier trying to bump off an opponent with...
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    [In-goal] Unclear what happened in in goal

    Without the benefit of replays (and despite the title saying it was 'clear', which at first look I didn't think it was), what would you give here? For me, in real time, there's no clear knock on and no clear grounding, but you'd still be expected to make a decision...
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    [INTERNATIONAL] Barbarians v Argentina - Benvenuti interception

    An interesting moment (one of several) in the Barbarians-Argentina game. The Barbarians’ winger cuts out an Argentinian pass by knocking the ball up and forward before regathering. The thing is, the ball travelled a few metres forward before he gathered it. They played on, but to me, I...
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    [INTERNATIONAL] Angus Gardner interview

    I've not seen anything like this in public before. What are people's thoughts? I'm ambivalent. I think the transparency is good, but can imagine some supporters to see "he made a mistake, he's clearly cr*p and we need to tell him" Much better than WR releasing something that says he was...
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    [INTERNATIONAL] Win ratios for certain referees

    Hopefully someone will find this interesting. In light of some claims about a particular team having a worse win record with a particular referee than their average and me having a day off, I looked at the actual numbers. My hypothesis: Games refereed by "better" officials are closer than the...
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    [Tackle] What would you give?

    What do people think about the third video below? (can't figure out how to post just the one, but the others are entertaining, too) For me, there's no infringement, but I'm sure others disagree!
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    [Law] Play on or red card situations

    I assume everyone saw the Kerevi-Halfpenny incident on the weekend and, whatever you think of the referee's decision, I don't think it's contentious to say his only options were to play on, or give a red card. So, my question is: has anyone been in a position (and I realise it comes up more...
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    [Law] Advantage after a PT offence

    A situation I didn't see, but was told about and thought quite interesting: Black make a break and about 5m from the goal line the BC commits the fullback and passes to a support player. The support player is pulled back early (and the infringing player was YC'd) so fails to catch the ball...
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    [Tackle] New tackle laws In short, if the tackler gets concussed through poor technique, they’re liable for suspension. Finally a sensible idea!
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    [Law] Incorrectly taken conversion

    I put on my (unofficial) assessor's hat on Sunday to go and watch a new referee in an under 18s girls' match and we had one incident I genuinely wasn't sure about. A very one-sided game and not long into the second half about eight tries had been scored without a single successful conversion so...
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    [Scrum] "Use it"

    The laws say the referee should call "use it" when the ball is at the number 8's feet, but since the beginning of this season the laws have also said that the 8 can pick the ball up if he can reach it (though admittedly that's how it has been refereed for years.) So - can the referee call "use...
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    [Law] Rolling the ball forward

    Bit of a strange, entirely theoretical question I was asked yesterday: If a player were to place the ball on the ground and roll it forward once it's already there, what would you do? He was arguing that it wasn't technically a knock on. My thoughts were that it was some sort of infringement...
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    [INTERNATIONAL] How many penalties?

    Can't figure out how to get the gif outside twitter, but how many penalties do you see in the below 6 seconds? I could see four by today's laws, three by the laws at the time (about 2002 from the look of the Welsh shirts)