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    [Law] Time Expired + PK/Lineout?

    Encountered this in my game last Saturday, and wondered what the brains here would advise. PK for red after time expires - captain asks if they can kick for the lineout - yes. They take possession at the throw-in, and play continues as they press to score. Another PK (and YC) to same team -...
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    [Law] Wasps Flying Wedge ?

    Apologies in advance if this has been raised previously. I caught the end of the Wasps/Leicester game this afternoon. Wasps frequently adopted a tactic that looked like a flying wedge (or what I understand one to be, don't think I've encountered one up to now). From pretty much every breakdown...
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    382 Offside at Scrum

    Question says: At a scrum, players who are not in the scrum and are not the scrum-half are off-side if they [BLANK] A. remain in front of their off-side line, a line passing through the hindmost foot of that player's team in the scrum B. overstep their off-side line, a line passing through the...
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    Question 6 - Type: Law Question Question Reference Number: 194 A tackle occurs when a ball-carrier is [BLANK]. Incorrect - You answered B. The correct answer is: D. 15 Definition [*1] : A tackle occurs when the ball-carrier is held by one or more opponents and is brought to ground. A...