1. V

    Boot selection & sizing

    Considering getting some new boots, and I’d like your feedback based on what you’re all wearing at the moment. Anyone picked up a new pair recently and been very happy, or unhappy, with them? Ideally, more readily available brands - a recent(ish) thread waxed lyrical about ASICS gel but these...
  2. O

    Dissertation Review - Boots and Injury

    Hi y'all, Im currently looking at titles for my Disser for next year, and been told to try and do some initial research, as i'll be getting my own data. Basically, if anyone has had any ankle/heel injuries can you please just tell me and also what boots you wear and what style of stud they...
  3. dreadpiratedaz

    Boot advice needed for achilles injury - new ref

    Hi All, my first post. After returning to refereeing after a 16 year lay off I've had a series of niggling injuries that started in the glute on my right (piriformis) worked its way down to a 'tweeked' hamstring, then a tight calf(lateral, perineals) and then at the beginning of December it...