dead ball line

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    Defending team kicks ball beyond their own dead ball line

    I’m a newer ref and a simple situation in a game over the weekend has me stumped, but I suspect the answer is obvious and I am simply overlooking it. Lower level men’s game. Red is in possession in blue territory, around the 22. Red player in possession kicks and chases, blue defender turns and...
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    [Law] Penalty kicked over dead ball line

    Hi, Blue team awarded a penalty on Reds 10 metre line. Blue takes the penalty with gusto and it goes through Reds dead ball area and over the dead ball line. I awarded a 22 metre drop out, should it have been a scrum where the penalty was taken?
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    [In-goal] Ball lost backwards across dead ball line

    Learned colleagues, was the decision to award a 5-metre scrum to Team A in the following instances correct? a. Team A hoofs the ball into Team B's in-goal, where a scrambling Team B player tries to catch it. The ball slips backwards through his hands, hits the ground, and rolls across his...