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    [Law] When does a replacement for an injury (not blood/concussion) become permanent?

    Is there any rule-of-thumb for how long a player who is being treated on the sidelines for an injury not involving bleeding or an apparent concussion can stay off before his replacement becomes permanent? Or can s/he return at any time? In a match between two university sides yesterday I had a...
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    What happened :(

    I am currently studying at the University of Northampton (will now on be known as UoN for laziness reasons) reading Podiatry. In January '13, UoN 1stXV drew Birmingham in the Cup... not Birmingham 1sts though! After donning my number 5, we set out onto the field, only to be returning from it...
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    Dissertation Review - Boots and Injury

    Hi y'all, Im currently looking at titles for my Disser for next year, and been told to try and do some initial research, as i'll be getting my own data. Basically, if anyone has had any ankle/heel injuries can you please just tell me and also what boots you wear and what style of stud they...