1. S

    Jumper Dummy Throw

    Came up in my society's group chat, and found that there's nothing in law accounting for it At a lineout, the jumper catches the ball off the top. Jumper then dummies a pass; the defensive line buys it and comes up, now offside because the ball hasn't left the lineout. General consensus is to...
  2. P

    Lineout 5m from goal line

    Red get a penalty 10m out from Blue's try line. Red 10 kicks the ball out in the full between the 5m line and the try line, setting up the attacking lineout. Where is the mark of touch for the lineout? I've always set them with the middle of the lineout on the 5 and the defending team half a...
  3. thepercy

    [Line out] LO/Scrum Option or FK

    Lineout Ball is thrown-in not straight, jumper uses outside arm (not above his head with both hands). LO/Scrum Option 18.23.a OR FK 18.29.b
  4. J

    [Line out] Minimum Number Of Players For Throwing Side In A Lineout?

    What is the minimum number of players in a set lineout for the throwing team? In other words, does the thrower count towards the 2 player minimum?
  5. C

    killing own player in lineout

    Game on Saturday - dumb situation #2 Lineout to Gold. Gold catches high and clean. On the way back down, gold player in front catches jumper's leg by mistake, sending jumper horizontal, and he lands hard. Green plays no part in this snafu. If they had, it would have been penalty, dangerous...
  6. M

    Sharks vs Bulls: Reinach Try

    SANZAR has just annunced that the Reinach try on Saturday should not have been awarded (video is there): Firstly, the TMO mentioned he could not see anything clear and obvious. Now, there are two issues here...
  7. R

    Can a player intentionally run into touch with the ball?

    Can a player intentionally run into touch with the ball?