offside in-goal

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    Offside under 10 metre law. or not ? No offsides in goal ?

    Got allocated an U19's game last week and, as this age-group tends to do, it threw up a strange situation which had me doubting myself. Blue under pressure near their own goal-line. Red attacking. Bit of a messy ruck but Blue 9 passes it back to his 15 who is standing in-goal, very far back...
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    [In-goal] Common myth or truth ? Cant be offisde in-goal

    Had a game this weekend where yellow defence had taken it into their own in-goal area. Yellow 10 tried a clearance kick but was under so much pressure he fluffed it and it went forward but actually to his team-mate who was in-goal but in-front of the kicker. Nice catch. Cue coach telling me that...