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  1. J

    Player red carded in an unsanctioned friendly 10s match at the field of a 15s tournament, is the player out for the day at the tournament?

    This is at an off-season 15s tournament (20-minute halves) in NJ, USA. Team A didn't bring enough players to play their first game so they forfeited and suggested an unsanctioned friendly 10s match with the original Team B they were supposed to play. The forfeit was recorded on the books in the...
  2. R

    [Junior] Giving cards in U19 games?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering about what the general consensus is with giving yellow/red cards to U19 players? I was playing in an U18 game last weekend where one of our players committed a dangerous dump tackle which in my eyes would have been a clear yellow card offence in a senior match...
  3. S

    2 Reds and one very upset set of spectators

    Would like some input on a disciplinary issue that I faced recently. U-19 game in the USA - green versus black, both experienced sides for their level. First, half goes off well good if not a bit scrappy play - a yellow card to green for repeat offense high tackle. Quick word with captains at...
  4. C

    Punching fighting. If punches miss, is that not a red then ?

    Just a question about an U19's game recently. Mass brawl broke out. I saw 2 players in the middle of it all trading punches at each other. If the punches were just swung and not landed, would you tend to give them a yellow instead of red ? I took the view that aiming ans swinging a fist at an...
  5. Chogan

    Haven't seen one of these in a while. PAU vs La Rochelle

  6. R

    I just awarded my first RC

    35 th minute in my 4th senior match. The match is messy and physical. Number 8 red is offside and tackles numer 10 blue high and late. Afterwards he pushes him to the ground and shouts something. I give him a YC and he walks off. When he reaches the sideline, he shouts across the pitch : "You...
  7. Chogan

    London Welsh v London Irish

    Chris Hala'ufia's red card Irish coach Brian Smith has commented on this incident:,25883,3551_8306070,00.html
  8. Chogan

    Leicester v Bath

    So what do we make of this?
  9. R

    Red-carded ref

    One of the local referees got red-carded :norc: and I think a 4 week ban after playing for his club's second XV. Are there any guidelines on how this affects his position as a referee or is this decision left to the local referee coordinator? What do you think is the right decision? The red...
  10. J

    Dangerous Play vs Foul Play - Assistant Referee Question

    Hey, Sorry, I know this isn't the right place for this question, but it's the only place I'm currently allowed to post in. I just became certified as a referee and I wanted to start out as an assistant referee / touch judge before diving in head first into refereeing full games. I was...