1. Flish

    Age Grade Sevens?

    I've got a U15 Sevens tournament this weekend - first 7's so keen to get that under my belt, and private schools comp so should be a decent standard, however I'm confused on how 7's laws will marry up with age grade regs (this is in RFU land and schools should be following age grade regs now)...
  2. L'irlandais

    [7's/10's] HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series - Paris 2016

    HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series - Paris The final squads of 12 have been named by the 16 coaches ahead of the HSBC Paris Sevens, the penultimate round of the series. 3 days of Sevens rugby kicks off at teatime this evening. :france: Video Hub Live coverage looks good.
  3. L'irlandais

    [7's/10's] WR Sevens (publicly viewable) sub-forum, do we need/want one?

    I know Robbie ran an article on the Craig Joubert aspect of this last August. Craig Joubert to join the sevens circuit ahead of the Olympic Games. Source : WR Sevens Of course he's not the only one crossing over, quite a few players are too. Both Fulgence Ouedraogo and Romain Martial have...
  4. M

    Uncontested scrums and STE on Sevens

    So I was watching a game from last weekends HSBC Series and as a hooker* was YC'ed wondered about that possiblity. Do the scrum players in Sevens need to be STE? How many FR (or only row) replacements should be? What if a team after two days of playing can't field 3 FRs on a final because of...
  5. Chogan

    England v Portugal and the last restart.

    The clock had run to 0:00 between Portugal converting a penalty and taking the restart. The ref had indicated that there was time for the restart. I have no problem with that. The hooter went long after the penalty was kicked and Both teams were on the way to lining up for the restart. Portugal...