Fall Season 2011


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Oct 5, 2010
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I've decided to start a blog about each game I ref and take any comments on how to improve. Hopefully I can keep track of the stats and post them as well.

Match Date: 17Sept2011
I had a men's club match and for the first league match of the year, my expectations for the teams was a little bit higher. I do feel that this had some impact on how I refereed the match, but I don't know how to gauge the impact.

Each team had their problems, ball was extremely slow out of the rucks and set phases and therefore my fitness was not a problem. This was the first time I can say I only had 1 scrum for a forward pass all match. There were several (too many to count) called for knock-on. I only had one go to ground all match, which I was happy about, but then I also had 3 pk at the scrum. 2 for boring and 1 for early engagement. I did have 2 instances of the ball being taken against the head and the fly half was 1 meter off the 8-man. Each time I called advantage and he whined. I could have called a pk at every tackle/ruck and made the effort to keep the whistle in the pocket and have a game instead of a penaltyfest. I even called the captains at 20 minutes into the match and told them to clean it up, with no avail... After the match I talked to the captains and coaches and asked for their advice. Each one told me that I handled the match fairly well and was consistent. But they also added that they thought I could have cleaned up the tackle/ruck. When I asked them how, they said "you're the ref, do what you think is necessary." Thanks for the help was my only thought.:knuppel2:

My goals were to manage the scrum better (being a back before picking up the whistle) and still not knowing half of what actually goes on in the scrum after refereeing for a few years. I think it worked, but I also believe that at this level of match, the players could have made things really difficult for me and chose not to. Now only if I could work on the tackle/ruck phase and figure out how to clean that part up to get quicker ball...