NZ vs IRL Test 3 - Andrew Porter‘s “absorbing tackle” on Brodie Retallick


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Sep 14, 2009
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the other one is that many times you see a warning .. then adv / new adv / new adv -- and the ref doesn't put a defender in the bin because the attackers manage to score. So the pending YC is cancelled...

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Jan 22, 2008
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4 YCs in last 2 minutes of the game is my record. Multiple offences about 5m out finishing with a head high tackle in the act of scoring. Finished 17-16 in points and 15v11 in players. Shorthanded team won.

Spoke to winners' Captain in the bar afterwards who was convinced I wouldn't send more than one of them and he'd told them so when I told them to speak to his players :)

You can't educate pork!

Had a similar one when being assessed once.
Repeat offending 5m out, but not enough to warrant a PT.
Warning, YC, another offence, YC, another offence YC, then the attackers scored.

Captain said I couldn't YC more than once. I replied "your technically correct because the law states that after the second YC I should go to Red" (which I am fairly sure used to be written in the law book then). He didn't say anything after that.

Assessor said, nothing else you could do, if they want to keep offending they have to pay the consequences. He said he would have been quite happy if I continued with more YC's.